Sunday, December 14, 2014

Video-Samuel L. Jackson dares celebrities to call out police racism!Sinbad Speaks

Finally some one with a back had stood up!
Now let's see who is willing to have a strong back as well as we all now that alof of celebrities are Scared of losing work in Hollywood. Well you have to STAND UP FOR WHAT'S RIGHT!

And the word Celebrity means those who have made major movies or worked in Hollywood.
Get the Message!
Comedian Sinbad Statrement
I have been calling them out since Rodney king ...even onstage during my shows. And I will continue to call out injustice there are many entertainers calling out and calling for justice. But entertainers alone will not stop the violence. it is up to all ..and not just people of color in America. This has got to be a team plan. America works for no one if it doesn't work for everyone ... Whether you believe that statement or not! JUST TRUTH !

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