Monday, December 15, 2014

Support Kevin Hart Sony Cancels Kevin Hart 'Wedding Ringer' Press Tour!

Sony talked about so many celebrities in their private emails and expect for them to be ok with how they do business. So now we all know that Kevin Hart promotes more then any other celebrity on Twitter if you are on his timeline.
He felt he should get paid for his tweets to his followers as where Sony do have the money in their Marketing & Promotion budget for the movie. If they can pay for commercials on T.V then why shouldn't Kevin get paid as well to promote the movie on his own twitter page.
Kevin retweets what others has said about the move on his timeline from followers that isn't enough?
So now you cancel all his press appearance because you want to show who BOSS and who is Not?
So if the movie don't do well at the box office will this be Kevin Hart fault since you guys cancel all his promotion appearances for the movie?
Sony has canceled a planned press junket for the upcoming Kevin Hart comedy The Wedding Ringer following the continued leak of the studio's emails and documents.
The press event was set to take place Sunday to promote the forthcoming Screen Gems film, but reporters were informed that it would be postponed until a later date. Screen Gems' parent company is Sony Pictures Entertainment, which suffered a Nov. 24 breach by hacking group Guardians of Peace.

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