Friday, December 12, 2014

Stephanie Moseley's “Hit the Floor GoFundMe Memorial Campaign

Stephanie Moseley's “Hit the Floor” Friends Create GoFundMe Memorial Campaign
by Ann Brown

Many thought Stephanie Moseley was living the high life. Her Instagram photos showed her hanging with the ultra rich, playing with loads of cash, dropped in diamonds. But the fact is that the VH1 star and dancer, who was killed by her husband, Earl Hayes, in a murder-suicide Monday morning, wasn't actually rich herself.

Her “Hit the Floor” family organized a GoFundMe memorial page, to help pay for her family.  "All of the donations made will be given to Stephanie's family to serve as an immediate resource during this difficult time," says the page. The goal is $30,000 and as of today it has reached $10,025, in three days.

But all the comments on the page have not been too kind.

Julie Howarth posted:

 This is ridiculous. This is sad someone would use this tragedy to make money. Famous people don't need donations. They're usually the donaters. $50,000 worth of weed in the apt. I don't see them having financial issues. Just saying.

But Brittany Frazier added:

You don't know people situation. Maybe she has kids or family members who she had to support. And when people die with debt it doesn't just disappear maybe they need it for that. Put yourself in the shoes of her family what if it were you? Be mindful of others situation. Just like it was her gone tomorrow it could be you! Be blessed you have today and pray for tomorrow.

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