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YEP YEP To all you Sneak Head who want that custom design you might as well get with Dez!
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Tara Wallace (LHHNY) Mix and Mingle Tour Miami Fl, 4/26/15 More info

Love & HipHop New York's
Tara Wallace
The Miami Mix & Mingle
Sunday, April 26th 2015
Studiotress Hair Bar & Salon Suites
20401 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami Gardens, Florida
Come enjoy shopping, complimentary cocktail, delicacies, beauty services, and luxury swag bags.

Advance tickets can be purchased at

More dates coming soon


N.Y.C Casting Call ARE YOU A TRUE SNEAKERHEAD! For True Entertainment

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Serena Williams Covers Vogue (Again)

Just when we thought we couldn't love Vogue anymore, they go and put Serena Williams on their cover for the second time.
The athlete is on the April issue, which was shot by legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz. In the image, we see Williams in a navy blue Rag & Bone sheath dress, natural makeup and, of course, her gorgeous curly hair.
 The full article, which appears on, talks about Williams' friendship with tennis champion (and competitor) Caroline Wozniacki, her plans to expand her interest in fashion beyond her current clothing line on the Home Shopping Network and how she used to hate her toned arms.


Support Rucker Education Scholarship 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Join us Sunday, April 26th for the 3rd annual Rucker Education Scholarship Fund fundraiser.  Rucker Education Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to deserving students who matriculated through A.R. Rucker Middle School and Lancaster High School.  This year's fundraiser will feature a three course meal at McCormick and Schmick's restaurant, Southpark Mall.  There will be a keynote speaker, SC Representative Justin Bamberg, as well as a host of other outstanding local leaders.  A silent auction will be available throughout the event with all proceeds benefiting the scholarship fund.  Purchase your non-tax deductible tickets here.  This event will sell out quickly due to limited seating.  Make a tax-deductible donation online at Diamond, Platinum, and Gold sponsorships are available, contact Ione Rucker Jamison at for information.

Rucker Education Scholarship Fund 3rd Annual Fundraiser

Sunday, April 26, 2015 from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM (EDT) Charlotte, NC 

For Tickets visit

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American Beauty Claudia Jordan Reality Star/Radio Host always stay in the company with her beautiful friends chilling in South Beach 3/21/2015

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More of Claudia Jordan

 Claudia Jordan More photos


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GREAT JOB! Debbie Allen & Mario Van Peebles Directing the Finale 2 Eps of EMPIRE!

We at Who's That Lady Ent would love to say THANK YOU to Lee Daniels for bringing us EMPIRE. But the last 2 final shows of EMPIRE tonight was on point and exciting for next season tocome. THANK YOU IN CAPITOL LETTERS DEBBIE ALLEN AND MARION VAN PEEBLES FOR GIVING US A GREAT VISION IN YOUR DIRECTING OF THESE LAST 2 EPISODES OF EMPIRE SEASON #1 GREAT JOB
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Meet Ariana Miyamoto The First Multiracial Miss Universe Japan Has Been Crowned

The stunning Miss Nagasaki, Ariana Miyamoto, is the first multiracial contestant ever to be crowned Miss Universe Japan and will represent Japan in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant.
Born in Japan to a Japanese mother and African American father, Miyamoto is a Japanese citizen, grew up in Japan, and identifies as Japanese. Described in local media as a "saishoku kenbi," a woman blessed with both intelligence and beauty, she holds a 5th degree mastery of Japanese calligraphy.
But reaction to her win has been both positive and negative, with some people questioning whether a multiracial person can truly represent Japan. According to local media, even she was initially a little wary about entering the pageant because she was "hāfu," the Japanese word used to refer to multiracial or multi-ethnic half-Japanese people. 

"The selection of Ariana Miyamoto as this year's Miss Universe Japan is a huge step forward in expanding the definition of what it means to be Japanese," filmmaker and co-director of the film "Hafu," Megumi Nishikura told NBC News, "The controversy that has erupted over her selection is a great opportunity for us Japanese to examine how far we have come from our self-perpetuated myth of homogeneity while at the same time it shows us how much further we have to go."
According to the film, "Hafu: The Mixed-Race Experience in Japan," 20,000 half-Japanese people are born in Japan each year, including both multiethnic and multiracial people.
"In a country where the majority of fashion beauty magazines and TV shows are reigned by 'hāfu' models and actors," filmmaker and co-director of the film "Hafu," Lara Perez Takagi told NBC News, "It was actually about time that a mixed-race Japanese girl won the Miss Universe pageant."

Kraft recalls more than 200,000 boxes of Macaroni & Cheese

Kraft Foods Group is recalling 242,000 boxes of Original flavor of 'Kraft' Macaroni & Cheese because some of the boxes may contain small pieces of metal, the company said Tuesday.
The food group announced in a news release Tuesday that officials have received eight consumer complaints about the particular product, but no injuries have been reported. 
'We deeply regret this situation and apologize to any consumers we have disappointed,' the company said in the statement. 

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Training Day Actor Cle "Bone" Sloan is Suge Knight Hit & Run Victim

The guy who survived the Suge Knight hit and run proudly told deputies ... he attacked Suge with a flurry of punches right before getting run over.
According to investigator's docs ... Cle "Bone" Sloan was still in his hospital bed when he described the incident to cops by saying, "I fu**ed him up!"
In the docs, Sloan adds he punched Suge several times through the driver side window ... and when Suge tried to exit his truck ... he punched him some more. That part of Sloan's story matches exactly with the surveillance video TMZ first posted of the incident.
But Sloan also told investigators he was attempting to walk away from the truck when he was hit -- but in the video he still appears to be fighting when Suge throws the truck in reverse and smashes Sloan.
Another inconsistency ... Sloan says he arrived at the Tam's parking lot AFTER Suge. In the video ... Sloan is waiting right next to the parking lot when Suge pulls up.
Suge has claimed he only ran over Sloan and Terry Carter in self-defense ... believing they were getting ready to shoot him.

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VIDEO- Pharrell Williams 'Happy' vs. Marvin Gaye 'Ain't That Peculiar' (mashup)

Well here we go again with Pharrell and Robin being MESSY! Lets understand that in today's so call music industry the respect of someone else work is being disrespected with the knowing that you stole someone else music that they compose. We all have to understand that today's producers are not composers but sample biting thieves when they know they have to get the music they used cleared. But the record labels and artists rather take the chance and  see if a lawsuit may come up.
But the dumbest person in this world knew that was Marvin Gaye work as there are many problems with many artists stealing other work including Beyonce "Drunk In Love' intro was used without permission from a Hungarian artists, Kanye and Jay Z is being accused of such said practice called. STEALING!

When rap records back in the beginning of Hip Hop started getting notice many got sued, or lost the right to publishing. And the word' SAMPLE" came up in this industry and the respect of paying for the SAMPLE was granted to most artists and not the publishing. But alot don't know being the writer and publishing of the said song is where the real money is at. So instead of doing good business, why not just take it and deal with it later.
Even in the crooked days of  White artists re recording the Black artists song over at least the writers and publishing credit were on the labels of the songs of the said artists and they got paid for their work.
Pharrell and Robin knew what they were doing, so did the record label and every awards show that gave them an award knew that was Marvin Gaye song. So shouldn't they give them back. I can remember a group called Milli Vanilli having to give back their Grammy for not being the real singers on their songs.
Every DJ at every HOT, POWER or whatever tagline these stations have knew that was Marvin Gaye song ripped off. But if you had ask them their opinion they would have had no answer in fear of losing their job. And this is what we called the one who are thought to have power are powerless and are controlled by the paycheck.
To me a crook will always be a CROOK!
Pharrell just go ahead and take care of business the right way. Again taking Marvin Gaye Music.Yeah you did a good job of coming up with new lyrics.

A court is awarding Marvin Gaye's family $7.3 million in the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit, and now another chart-topper might come under fire: Pharrell Williams' "Happy." YouTube videos have pointed out similarities between the track and Gaye's 1965 single, "Ain't That Peculiar," for months, but now the family says there may be grounds for legal action.
"I'm not going to lie. I do think they sound alike," Gaye's daughter, Nona Gaye, told "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent Nischelle Turner in an interview. His ex-wife Janis also said, "I heard the mash-ups -- but I didn't really need to hear them. I know 'Ain't That Peculiar' and I've heard 'Happy.'" No charges have been filed.

to read more

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S2S Exclusive: LHHNY Star Tara Wallace

S2S recently sat down with Tara Wallace from VH1’s hit show Love & Hip Hop NY. If you aren’t familiar with the show here is a quick recap…
Tara is an entrepreneur and was the long-time girlfriend of rapper, Peter Gunz. They had a relationship for over 13 years and were living together with their 2 children, Jamison and Kaz. During the show her relationship with Peter takes a turn for the worse when she finds out he started a relationship with Amina (also on the show), married her and got her pregnant.
She gave us an update on how she is coping with the situation currently, her relationship with Amina, and advice she has for women in her same situation.


Miami 3/20 Jazz In The Garden Party with Rickey Smiley, Claudia Jordan & Crew

Claudia Jordan will be in Miami Florida March 20th along with her friends from the Rickey Smiley Morning Radio Show at Miramar Cultural Center-2400 Civic Center Plaza SEE THE FLYER BELOW! 

 The Rickey Smiley Morning show is coming to Miami!! Come meet us at the opening night of Jazz in The Gardens! It's happening March 20th starting at 7:30 pm On the Plaza. $50 in advance/$60 day of. The line up is amazing and you do NOT want to miss this event! For more information go to and come experience a night of music and comedy.


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celebnmusic247 MTV’s Are You The One Season 2 Tyler Abron Interview

Tyler Abron stated that she wanted to be on a reality TV show, which was on her Bucket list and unlike most people Tyler went for it and made it happen.  Now she can put a check by that item on the list.
But what’s next for the Boston native?

For this complete interview

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President Obama Lead The Way In Historic March Across Edmund Pettus Bridge In Selma

President Barack Obama and the First Family led the way across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama, on Saturday as they reenacted the iconic march that took place at the same location fifty years ago.
A large delegation marched behind in an act commemorating the historic civil rights moment by following in the same footsteps as those who risked their lives to march just decades before in what came to be known as "Blood Sunday."
"We gather here to honor the courage of ordinary Americans willing to endure billy clubs and the chastening rod, tear gas and the trampling hoof; men and women who despite the gush of blood and splintered bone would stay true to their North Star and keep marching toward justice," Obama said in his speech.
The march took place just moments after Obama delivered a soaring, and well-received, speech on race and civil rights in America. A massive crowd, gathered at the foot of the bridge, applauded Obama's remarks honoring the landmark civil rights moment and praised him on social media for his "powerful and poignant" words.
Obama was also joined by Representative John Lewis who welcomed him to the stage but not without taking a few moments to recall his own experiences in Selma that day.
"We come to Selma to be renewed. We come to be inspired. We come to be reminded that we must do the work that justice and equality calls us to do," he said.
Lewis also shared some of his powerful memories and photos from the march on Twitter, which resonated strongly with readers who celebrate him as one of the few living marchers who witnessed the iconic moment in history.
"There's still work left to be done," he said in his speech. "Get out there and push and pull until we redeem the soul of America."


Tony Robinson Was Unarmed When Fatally Shot By Wisconsin Police Officer

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A 19-year-old black man who died after being shot by a white police officer was unarmed, the Madison police chief said Saturday, assuring protesters who earlier in the day had chanted "Black Lives Matter" that his department would defend their rights to gather while imploring the community to express their anger with "responsibility and restraint."
Tony Robinson was shot Friday night after assaulting Officer Matt Kenny, Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said. Kenny was injured, Koval said, but didn't provide details. It wasn't clear whether Robinson, who died at a hospital, was alone in the apartment.
"He was unarmed. That's going to make this all the more complicated for the investigators, for the public to accept," Koval said during a news conference. Police department spokesman Joel DeSpain said Kenny would not have been wearing a body camera.


Exclusive Interview Olympian Heptathlon Chantae McMillan On Her Way To Olympic Gold!

Chantae McMillan
On Her Way To Olympic Gold!
May The Games Begin…
By Belinda Trotter James

It takes endurance, mental strength, patience with yourself and a list of ‘to do’s’ to be considered an Olympian athlete.  If you don’t know her already, let me in introduce you to Chantae McMillan, a USA Olympic heptathlete who qualified to compete in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.  Now she is training to be in the 2015 Olympics in Beijing China and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

What does a woman have to do to be a heptathlete?  Well, the women's outdoor heptathlon consists of 100 meters hurdles, High jump, Shot put plus 200 meters on the first day, and then Long jump, Javelin throw and 800 meters on day two. The heptathlon has been contested by female athletes since the early 1980’s when it replaced the pentathlon as the primary women's combined event contest.

Almost every story I’ve ever heard of an Olympian champion always starts with the story of how they started out at a very young age.  The parents would have to travel hours to get to a particular coach or practice daily in hopes of becoming an Olympic champion one day.  I’m guessing Chantae is going to tell me a similar story.  "Oh no, no, no… everything was local,” starts Chantae.  “We had a basketball team that was set up and the furthest we probably traveled was about one hour and then once track started it was organized by the high school. I didn't do anything extra. I just did what any normal kid would do in high school.”

 Some kids know at a very young age that they would like to have an Olympic career. However, that’s not Chantae’s story. "No I started track in the eighth grade because my friends and I couldn't play soccer so we did track and then I had the discussion with my mother on if track or soccer would have a better route for me and we decided on track in the end. Then I got recruited out of high school for the long triple jump and went to the University of Nebraska where I became a heptathlete and I just got better and better throughout college and the Olympic trials became more of a reality.”

Wow! Chantae started her Olympic journey in the eighth grade. The first question that came to mind is why did she start so late in life to pursue being on the USA Olympic team?  She responds, "The Olympics wasn't even on my radar at that point. I was just enjoying sports… soccer, basketball and the next sport I became involved in was volleyball and then track. I was just having fun playing sports and being active. If I look back at it, I wouldn't change it for anything. I think I am doing exactly everything correctly and I'm exactly where I need to be so I wouldn't say it was a late start. I just encourage parents to get their kids active in something and then those kids are going to find out what they love and continue down that path.”

At least Chantae had a chance to have a childhood and friends from first to seventh grade and just enjoy being a kid. Chantae adds, "Right. Exactly. I was outside playing in the streets; I loved that.” She laughs remembering back to when being a child was fun and carefree instead of constantly being at some sort of practice.

Chantae grew up in Tennessee, Texas and Missouri because both of her parents were in the Army for 20 years each. Her coach was in Ohio and that's where she trains. “My parents were really fortunate because they didn't have to move a lot.  The first eight years of my life we stayed in Tennessee Fort Campbell, then two years in Texas and Missouri for five years and then I went to college. I didn't have to move a lot, but my mom did have to leave me to go to Korea for one year so that I could stay in the same high school for four years.”

Most athletes just like doing one thing and becoming good at it. It takes a special athlete to take on a series of skills and participate in various events to become excellent at all of them. It also means more time practicing to perfect each skill.  What type of person would put themselves through the strenuous exercises to become a heptathlete? "I had a really bad triple jump injury coming out of high school”, remembers Chantae.  “So I didn't want to triple jump anymore ever again and that left me with doing the long jump, but then seven events just sounded very intriguing for some reason and I wanted a challenge so I asked if I could switch over to that and that's what I did." 

Wow, training for seven events must mean her social life is really down the drain, but she disagreed and said, "No, actually I just spoke about that to my sports psychologist. I was wondering if having too many friends was a distraction and she said, ‘No’, she thinks that it’s good for me to grow as a whole person because as I walk on the track, its not just Chantae the track athlete, it’s Chantae and every other aspect of my life walking on the track."

Having friends to give you a mental break from always thinking about competing is a good thing.  However, in any phase of life you will have to choose what types of friends to have around you.  The best ones are the friends who have the same interests.  In this way they will understand your busy training schedule that could put a strain on any relationship. 

If you want to be a world class athlete, get ready to hear what a typical day is like in the life of an athlete…  “Right now I wake up about 7:15 to get ready for practice at nine”, says Chantae. “I work on my sprint mechanics and endurance for the 100 hurdles and 200 meter dash… Then I just do general exercises after that. The general exercises are a replacement for my lifting exercises. I only lift two days a week… Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have great genetics where I can build muscles very easily and my coach knows that and does not want me to blow up by lifting four days a week. I'm okay with just doing push ups, sit ups, body squats and at least 10 other exercises like that daily… and that was my Monday. Everyday I work on something different. I have high jump on Wednesdays, 800 work on Tuesdays, long jump on Fridays... it's fine because everyday is different. I'm learning everyday is a challenge and my mind is always working through it so it’s fine; I’m never bored.  If I only had one event to do, I would be so bored.”   For that reason alone tells me why she was born to be a heptalthete.

When you look at the body structure of an athlete, it is an incredibly sculptured body of art.  The human body is fascinating and when it is put to a challenge, it can do great things. What happens to the body after the Olympics is over?  She answers, "The only thing on my radar right now is the next two years."   It is important that her radar stays sharp because it could also mean big sponsorships to ensure she can participate in events around the world.  "I don't have a sponsor right now because over the last two years I have not put up a mark on the heptathlon,” explains Chantae.  “My training program was not the best program for me so that's why I moved back to Ohio with my trainer who coached me through the 2012 Olympics.  Now I'm back on schedule to put up a great mark I'm sure. Once I put up good marks, my sponsorships should come back.”  Some of her past sponsors included Proven 4 Sport, Amy & Brian Coconut Juice, Revolution Physical Therapy, Runners Plus Elite and Kyani.

In any sports athletes can hit the gym to tone and sculpture their body to perfection, but there is always concern for keeping injuries to a minimum.  In every athlete’s life, there will be challenges to face and overcome when it comes to the care of a healthy body.  “In 2011 I ruptured my patellar-tendon high jumping at a track meet and I started rehabbing in Nebraska,” reveals Chantae. “Right after that meet I was supposed to move to Ohio to start training for the 2012 trials, but that injury put me back and I ended up in Pittsburgh to do my rehab with a trainer that my coach thought would be a great trainer to do my rehab… and so I went to Pittsburgh 
 We had no doubts that I wasn't going to make it to the 2012 trials. It was definitely a setback to tear something, but I think it just made me better overall because I was able to hit all my weak muscles that I wasn't using.  Only a trainer would know that and I got my body in the best shape. I lost some weight that I needed to lose from college… that was at six months and I had four more months to be on track before the Olympic trials.  My coach whipped me into shape and got me the great technical work that I needed.   He switched my takeoff leg for long jump and high jump. He taught me all that and it’s still pretty hard for me today to learn all that new stuff. This has probably been some of the biggest obstacles I've had to face this year. In the past two years I had to deal with on and off injuries with my knees being over trained on a program built specifically for me.  It was hard to deal with because I wasn't performing like I knew how. I wasn't good and it really hurt my confidence. So I'm still really in the stages of rebuilding my confidence right now and becoming the great athlete that I know how to be with the coach that I trust so much with my future.  So I'm so thankful to be here again.”   What looked like a setback was actually a set up for victory in Chantae’s quest for  Gold!  Sometimes life will give you a test to see if what you asked for is what you really want.

Even though Chantae has a tight training schedule she does make time to participate in community organizations.  "There's actually a program called Athletes For Help,” says Chantae.  “They helped me get into the Cincinnati Children's Hospital.  I get to visit with the children, take pictures with them and just make their days a little better. I'm certified as a personal trainer; I have a degree in education. I don't think I want to teach, but I do like working with kids. I like training them. I had a chance to train some children in Florida before I left and it was super fun."

Fans can help Chantae in her journey to the 2015 USA Olympic World Team in the heptathlon which takes place in Beijing, China and then off to the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro by making a donation of any size.  In return you can request a workout that is customized specifically for your body type to achieve great results.  Just go to her website at to fill out the workout request and make your donation through Pay pal.  Check out heron Instagram and on twitter

“Thank you so much for your support; it means the world!  Can’t wait to see ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures!” --- Chantae

Support COLOURING BOOK: The Mixed Race Documentary.”

My name is Jason Cuthbert and I am the biracial (African Trinidadian and Caucasian American) creator and director of the upcoming production of “COLOURING BOOK: The Mixed Race Documentary.”

Multiculturalism in the United States’ “Melting Pot” and Canada’s “Mosaic” will be examined to expand diversity awareness by exploring three generations of my own multiethnic family. Academic experts and animated information will flesh out the educational value of the storyline.

We are in the midst of a crowdfunding campaign and only have until 4/19/15 to raise our $30,000 equipment goal on:  follow me on twitter

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Video- Amber Nicole from (The Voice) Sings "I'm Not the only one"! Plus More!

Who Is Amber Nicole?
Well she was one of the hottest singers on NBC The Voice #5 who was voted off. Amber Nicole has a voice and her talent as a singer is fantastic.
Coming Soon will be Amber Nicole exclusive interview for and make sure to follow her on twitter and on IG

Check out Amber Nicole latest Videos and latest cover of songs
Amber Nicole "I'm Not The Only One" Sam Smith

Amber Nicole (Cover) Whitney Houston "I Will Always Love You"

 Amber Nicole On The Voice "Wasting All These Tears"

To see more of Amber Nicole visit her Youtube page

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Exclusive Interview with the Iconic Pointers Sisters.


By Lenell King

Before the emergence of the funky divas... Before Hammer pants and the Humpty dance… Before Tony! Toni! Tone! made us all feel good, the bay area produced four sisters who blessed us with classics like "Yes We Can", "Fairytale", "Jump", "Automatic" and "I'm So Excited".  The Pointer Sisters have given us over 40 years of hits that have stood the test of time.   They have endured tragedy and addiction but have never lost their love for one another and for their musical gift that keeps arenas filled around the world.

Ladies and gentleman, the legendary pointer sisters… 
Lenell:  With over 40 years in the business, what is your secret to longevity?
Anita: Having fun and staying healthy.
Ruth: Hard Work and loving what you do.

Lenell:  You always hear about the Motown sound, the Philly sound, the Chicago sound, but many people seem to sleep on the Oakland sound and the impact it has had on soul music from Tony, Toni, Tone, EnVogue, you name it.  What makes the Oakland sound special and are you guys often credited for spearheading that sound?
Anita: Well, we actually received a star on the Oakland Walk of Fame in 1994.

Lenell: Congratulations.
Ruth:  A lot of good talent has come from Oakland. People originally thought that we were from New York or Philly.  I love it all, Sly Stone, Tower of Power, Herbie Hancock, Sylvester; you name it.  They all came from our hometown. 
Lenell: What was life like growing up in the Pointer Household with 4 sisters, 2 brothers and ministers for parents?  You know what they say about preacher kids…
Anita: Loud
Ruth: A lot of fun.
Bonnie:  We couldn't do anything, (laughing) we couldn't date boys, couldn't wear nail polish, and we had a curfew
Ruth:  That was the norm for a long time.  I remember being sent home from school.  I was trying to hide pants underneath a dress and a rain coat.  Someone told on me and it was so cold, I got sent home.    That's just how our parents were, but at the time women were coming into their own.  

Lenell:  Were your parents influential in your singing career?  

Anita:  My mom was always singing. Ruthie was the choir director; we sang all the time.

Lenell: What about your brothers; what career paths did they take?

Anita:  Our brother Aaron Pointer played professional baseball with the Houston Colts from 1961 -1963, then with the Houston Astros from 1963 -1967. He was later traded to the Chicago Cubs and retired in 1972 after playing with Nishitetsu Lions in Japan.  Upon retiring, he went on to referee for the Pacific 10 Conference from 1978 to 1987 where he became the first African American to referee in the PAC 10. He later joined the NFL as a head linesman and retired in 2003. Our brother, Fritz Pointer is currently a professor at Contra Costa College in California.   

Lenell:  Wow, look at all that talent in the Pointer household!

Bonnie:  Yeah Girl, you better stay away from us.  (All Laughing)

 Lenell:  Bonnie, you are the founder of the group before it was a quartet. Tell us how the Pointer Sisters originally got started and grew from a duet to a quartet?

Bonnie: We wanted to get out of the ghetto and try something new in life. I didn't want to really work; just try something new. We had the talent, and Ruth was our stylist.  We all played different parts and a lot of different music were happening at the time.  We made the opportunity for ourselves, and created our own sound. We forced it on everyone and made them like it. 

Lenell:   They sure did! Now the group's break out hit was "Yes We Can" in 1973 and a year later you guys released “Fairytale" which earned your first Grammy. Congrats on that…  Did you think it was risky to go from one extreme to the next, meaning from R&B to Country? Obviously it worked. Was there any backlash from fans? 

Anita:  We said that we were going to sing what we liked; jazz, country; we did it all.  We did what we wanted to do.   If you do something that no else has done, that is a great way to get noticed.   We love country music.  We grew up in a country church.   We still love country music today, but still appreciate new styles like rap.

Lenell:  Bonnie, you left the group for a solo career in 1977, and had success with hits like "Heaven Must Have Sent You".  Why did you decide at that time to pursue a solo career? 

Bonnie: I actually hated my sisters and wanted to get rid of them… (Laughing) 

Lenell:  You guys are crazy!!!!!!

Bonnie:  Honestly, I just wanted to see what I can do on my own and see what I was really made of. 

Lenell:  Were you scared being out there without your siblings?

Bonnie: Of course I was.   It was very scary, but once you put your foot in the water, you may as well jump in and start swimming.

Lenell:  Now upon Bonnie leaving Ruth, Anita, and June continued on as a trio.   Your first hit was "Fire" written by Bruce Springstein off the "Energy” album in 1978. Shortly after you had back to back hits like "He's so shy", "Slow Hand", "Jump", "I'm So Excited" and my personal favorite "Automatic".   What do you think contributed to that success? 
Ruth:  You are referring to the Richard Perry records? 

Lenell: Yes 

Anita:  We didn’t co-write many of the “A” side songs.  Back then you had singles, which had a “B” side.  We always had a song on the “B” side.

Ruth: Richard Perry had just launched his new record label, Planet Records, and the hits just kept coming.

Anita: Yes, we actually brought some music ideas to Richard and he thought they were great. We had a very successful collaboration.

Lenell:  Anita, you also had success as a songwriter.  You performed "Too Many Times" with Earl Thomas Conley in 1986 and have had success on your solo album in 1987 entitled "Love For What It Is". One of your major accomplishments was a cover of your song "Fairytale" by the King himself, Elvis Presley.   What was that experience like? 

Anita: I performed with Earl Thomas Conley in 1986. He asked me to perform with him on several shows in Nashville. He and I were also presenters at the country music awards that same year.  I was scared to death.  Yes, I co-wrote “Fairytale” with Bonnie that Elvis recorded.  We never met him, unfortunately. However, we did meet his daughter; he left us too soon. 

Lenell:  Anita, your songwriting efforts landed you in the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame in 1998, congrats. Yet, many don't know about your collection of fine art, especially Black Memorabilia. Tell us how you first got into collecting pieces. 

Anita:  Well by being black. (Laughing)  I was traveling through Arkansas on my way from Little Rock and we stopped at an antique store and I saw these black puppets called, "Danny Sams”.  That was the first time I got started.  That was in the 80’s; I just kept going to antique stores.  Every time we were on the road, I would look for black collectibles.  There are some great collections out there, but I think New Jersey has the best. 

Lenell:  Ruth,   you have had solo projects as well from the "Streets of Gold" single for the Disney film Oliver & Company in 1989 and "Enemies Like You and Me" for the Iron Eagles II soundtrack.  One of your most notable accomplishments is being an international spokesperson for the USO (United Service Organizations).  What inspired you to become involved in serving our troops? 

Ruth:  I just completed five shows by myself.  The servicemen are so young and their stories are so compelling. When I talk to them, I feel so good to be able to give something back.  It feels like I am really contributing to my country.  I love my country and I just enjoyed it and have so much pride from the experience.   I got a chance to see what war torn countries are like.  I brought back bullet casings that the children of Kosovo would get on the battlefields and make vases and little souvenirs out of. They would sell them to tourists.  It is an experience that I would never forget.

Lenell:   June has had solo success as well with recordings such as "Little Boy Sweet "(1983) for National Lampoon's Vacation , "Respect Yourself" with Bruce Willis (1986) and "Tight on Time (I'll Fit You In) (1989) and with the release of her solo projects like Baby Sister (1983) and June Pointer (1989).  However, most people remember her for lead vocals on "Jump", "Happiness", "He's So Shy" and a host of others. Sadly, we loss June in 2006.  Some would consider her the ‘wild one of the group’.  Would you agree with that and what is something that her fans would be shocked to find out about June? 

Anita:  I don’t know if there was anything not known about her because June was an open book.  She didn’t really hide much from anyone.  She was known for being extremely generous and she was such a happy soul.  She may be known as one of a few artists to actually wear braces while performing. 

Bonnie:  That was the first thing we bought her when we started making money. She was embarrassed to wear them. 

Anita:  She was such a beautiful person.  She loved everyone and everyone loved her.

Lenell:   We know that addiction has affected the family over the years. How have the Pointers been able to overcome addiction and triumph through the years? 

Ruth:  You have to want to heal.  During the time we came along drugs and alcohol was everywhere. 

Anita:  You weren’t invited anywhere if you didn’t do it.

Ruth:  Everybody was participating so you get caught up in it and pray to God you survive. Unfortunately, many did not. 

Anita: Recovery is hard; you just have to stick with it and want to do it.  Everybody has their own personal addictions and demons.  

Lenell: How has your family expanded individually throughout the years? Children? Grandchildren? 

Bonnie: I married legendary Motown Producer, Jeffrey Bowen, but later divorced in 2014 after 35 years of marriage. 

Ruth:  I have five children.  None are really children anymore.  I have three grandchildren and my first great grandchild is on the way.

Lenell:  That’s exciting!!!!!!!!! 

Ruth: I know I can’t believe it myself. 

Bonnie: Ok, now name them all! (Laughing)

Anita: I have one daughter, Jada, and she is deceased.   I have one phenomenal granddaughter. I love her to death and she is my reason for living. She also works on the road with us from time to time.  

Lenell: How does your family feel about your success? 

Ruth: Well, we are a family, those that are grateful and those that don’t know what to do with it.  It’s tough. It’s not much fun when you’re a famous family and others have so many expectations and pressures coming your way from family members that didn’t do what you did.  We love them and they love us.  My children love interviewing me; asking about the different people I’ve met in the business.

We recently attended the funeral for Andrae` Crouch.  It was a magnificent event.  We were sitting there talking about a specific song that we used to sing growing up called, “The Blood”.  They started playing it on the piano, and we lost it.  We had no idea that he wrote that song.   It was such a wonderful service; Stevie Wonder was there, Yolanda Adams, Be Be and Ce Ce Winans, and many, many more.  

Lenell: Wow, talk about true star power.  Ok, we know that you have won Grammys’, American Music Awards, and a host of other accolades including a star on the Oakland  Walk of Fame in 1994,  individually what would you say is your most memorable time with the group and accomplishment?

Anita:   Going to Africa with Muhammad Ali. 
Lenell: Really! 

Anita:  We flew to Zaire with Muhammad Ali and we stayed there for five days.   We did one show and I went coo coo.  I walked so much my shoes turned a different color.  I met friends there.  

Bonnie: She hooked up with Doo Doo J

Lenell: (laughing) Who?

Bonnie: Doo Doo J.  He was a pilot and that was his real name.   He flew us around on Air Zaire.  I remember James Brown got into it with Bill Withers over Denise Nicholas. 

Lenell:  Imagine That! 

Bonnie: There are a lot of stories.  I also remember being on the plane with Sister Sledge, the Spinners, and many more all on our way to Zaire.   

Lenell: I want to address two rumors…   One, Bonnie there is a rumor that you are reuniting with your sisters, is that true? If so, when? 

Bonnie:   I never really left, but a comeback is still in the works.  

Lenell: Second rumor… Is it true that BET is scheduling some type of ICON award or paying special tribute to the Pointer Sisters? In my eyes it is long overdue.

Bonnie:  I haven’t heard anything about that.   

Ruth:  Neither have I.  Maybe it’s a surprise. 

Lenell: Oops!! I hope I didn't open a can of worms. (All laughing) 

Lenell:    Since the Pointers sisters impacted so many genres of music, who do you listen to today? Pop, R&B, etc.?

Ruth:  I listen to satellite radio, The Heat, Foxxhole, Praise with Kirk Franklin, and others.   My twins keep me up on the new stuff like Drake and Lil Wayne.  

Bonnie:   I listen to whatever is on the radio. I’m down for whatever.

Anita: I listen to news radio, not a lot of music anymore.   

Bonnie: Yeah, she gets mad! (Laughing) She gets mad at the world. Anita is going to run for office after she retires from singing.  President Anita!!!!!! (Laughing) 

Lenell:  Any new music?  What plans are in the near future for the group? 

Ruth:  We hope so.  Music is so weird; you don’t really need a record company to record anymore.
Bonnie:  We were just talking about this the other day; you can do it right on your computer.  We’re never together enough. We’re going to surprise everyone.

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Harrison Ford Seriously Injured in Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Seriously Injured in Plane Crash
Actor Harrison Ford was seriously injured Thursday when a vintage World War II training plane he was piloting crash landed on a Mar Vista, California, golf course.
The actor was stabilized and taken to a local hospital. Sources said he sustained cuts to his head. There was no word on other injuries or what caused the plane to crash. It appeared he was flying solo.
His injuries were originally described as "critical," but sources emphasized they are better characterized as serious, including lacerations to the head and possible fractures.
Howard Tabe, an employee at the Penmar Golf Course, said 'There was blood all over his face ... Two very fine doctors were treating him, taking good care of him. I helped put a blanket under his hip."
The plane crashed on the golf course just west of the airport shortly after takeoff from the Santa Monica Airport, according to Ian Gregor of the Federal Aviation Administration, NBC Los Angeles reported.