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SDCC 2014: Vivica A. Fox Talks 'Sharknado 2: The Second One'

Premiering on Wednesday, July 30 at 9/8c on the SyFy Network is Sharknado 2: The Second One, starring Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Vivica A. Fox and Mark McGrath. Among the guest stars are Kelly Osbourne, Judd Hirsch, Judah Friedlander, Andy Dick, Perez Hilton, and many more.


'Hidden Colors' Filmmaker Tariq Nasheed: 'Eric Garner Was Lynched'

Are there rules to racism?
Tariq Nasheed, also known as "Tariq Elite," is a celebrated author, motivational speaker, radio personality and now filmmaker. Nasheed's latest project, "Hidden Colors," is a series of documentary films that detail the history of racism. The films include professors, rappers and comedians offering their thoughts on race. They also provide historical context to illustrate the systemic cultural and political oppression of black people around the world.
The first film in the "Hidden Colors" series came out in 2011, with the second following in 2012. The most recent installment, "Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism," was released in June. Inspired by Nasheed's disappointment with the aftermath of the Trayvon Martin case, as well as what he described to The Huffington Post as "Jim Crow 2.0," the movie features the likes of Nas, Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, David Banner and Sharazad Ali. It focuses on American racism -- in particular, the way it has endured from before slavery to the present day.
Tariq Nasheed sat down with The Huffington Post to discuss his new film and how it relates to recent events.
What inspired you to make "Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism"?
The Trayvon Martin situation. When that verdict came through, I saw the way black people reacted to it, and I don't think people were serious enough about the outcome and the ramifications of that. When the Trayvon Martin decision happened and black people didn't act accordingly, that should have snapped everybody to attention. We kind of let that slide. That gave white supremacists a green light to go further, so now there are cops beating up black women, beating up more children, shooting more black people ... We've seen Jim Crow racism come back. It's Jim Crow 2.0, looped back around.
You can't play games with systematic white supremacy. We have to be cognizant of the rules of racism.

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Established as one of the most prominent visionaries of her era,whose influence remains a key touchstone in contemporary pop music, Grammy Award winner, Jody Watley returns with her glamorous and funky new album, PARADISE. As executive producer at the helm of her own label, Avitone, Watley continues to convey her commitment as a savvy entrepreneur. Proving that quality rules over quantity, pre-orders for the 6 track album sold out in less than one week. PARDISE is available world-wide on iTunes, Amazon and other digital music outlets. A limited edition CD which was encouraged by her devoted fans, that includes the bonus track Everlasting, is available exclusively on Jody Watley’s online boutique

 The singer, songwriter, producer sighted the lack of attention spans in today’s society which prompted her to take a classic approach in recording PARADISE. She was reminded that many timeless albums were recorded in the 70’s and early 80’s that had as few as 7 songs on an album, and with Isaac Hayes’ ‘Hot Buttered Soul’ having only 4.
“It’s about quality, not quantity,” says Jody. “I think that albums with a lot of songs are out of touch with the times we live in and today’s record buyer – many artists and companies are holding on to outdated practices. Perhaps I’ll be the first to encourage other artists to make shorter albums, with better songs and a greater music impact.”

TO READ MORE VISIT JODY WATLEY'S WEBSITE  and follow her on twitter

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Of course you know Usher and Cee Lo Green but do you know the women who were behind these famous men!? Check out the supertrailer for VH1′s Atlanta Exes and you’ll meet Tameka Raymond and Christina Johnson.
The new series follows the rich, fabulous and elegant ladies of Atlanta who were once partnered with Hollywood’s elite that also includes Ne-Yo‘s ex Monyetta Shaw, Kevin Hart‘s former spouse Torrei Hart and Sheree Buchanan (ex-wife of former NFL player Ray Buchanan). Also P.S. you’ll peep Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Traci Steele!
In the supertailer you’ll get tears, hugs, fights and watch the sisterhood grow among these remarkable ladies. Follow the ladies on social media and be sure to tune into Atlanta Exes when it premieres Monday, August 18 at 9 PM ET/PT on VH1.

 CHRISTINA JOHNSON Ex wife of Cee-Lo Green follow her on Twitter

MONYETTA SHAW Ex Fiancee of Ne-Yo follow her on Twitter

TORREI HART Ex wife of Kevin Hart follow her on Twitter

TAMEKA RAYMOND Ex wife of Usher follow her on twitter

SHEREE BUCHANAN Ex wife of Ray Buchanan follow her on twitter

You can check out they Phenomenal Women on Who's That Lady Ent htp://

Exclusive Interview with Songstress Arika Kane- Arika Kane Unveiled

by Lenell King
On the verge of her third album, Thru The Veil and a critically acclaimed new single, It's There with R&B legend, Brian McKnight, Arika Kane  takes off the veil and opens up about  the true meaning behind her name and what inspires her to write.

LENELL:  First of all, I'm really enjoying the new single with R&B legend, Brian McKnight. Congratulations.  How did that come about?
ARIKA: It was definitely a gift and a blessing. It was through a relationship someone on with my label had with somebody they worked with in the past. The idea was brought to the table because Brian McKnight was working on a new album and I was also working on a new album; it just naturally came together.  Once we decided that we were going to do a ballad, thirty days later we were in the studio recording it and it was very organic. It was one of the best sessions that I ever had. Working with Brian McKnight was so cool for me.  It was great.

LENELL: Did he mentor you by giving you some tips on what it takes to be a great songwriter?
ARIKA: He definitely talked a little bit about the industry and some of the trials and tribulations.   I definitely will remember the tips he gave me because he is so talented and amazing.

LENELL: Before we go further in the interview I’m sure that this is something that many people have asked you before…  Your name, Arika Kane, is that based off the infamous Susan Lucci character from All My Children?
ARIKA: Well yes and no.  Yes, because more people are familiar with the character on All My Children. However, no because it became a nickname of mine not directly connected with Susan Lucci.  When I’m in the studio, I turn into Arika Kane.  I’m just so passionate and so serious about what I do that it became a nickname and it just felt normal and it felt right. So, yes and no.

LENELL:  You have such a soulful sound that you really don’t hear from a person who lives in Connecticut. What is the music scene like there?
ARIKA: Well, the music scene is like any small town.  You create what you want and make it happen.  I have the best of both worlds because as a child my parents were always playing music whether it was in the house or while traveling. Music was always in my heart.  One day I actually decided to go into the big world to pursue it.  Soul to me is a feeling. At the BET awards Lionel Ritchie said,  “It’s a feeling and it’s something that comes within and you can’t explain it.  There are no limitations or boundaries.”  I think the greatest artists do have that and they are able to carry that throughout their music.  I hope to do that.

LENELL: Being that your parents were musicians and it seems that you are from a musical family was it a natural transition for you or do you think it was kind of forced on you?  For example, I read an article on Janet Jackson where she felt she was forced into music by her father when acting was what she loved most.
ARIKA: It’s funny because once I learned I had these gifts as a child, I loved it. I was singing all the time, but when I became a teenager I rebelled. I felt like I was not going to pursue something that  my parents wanted for me.   I’m not going to do it just because they want it for me.  I went through that phase for sure.  My mom and dad are pretty smart and backed off.  Once they did I said to myself, “Wait a minute! Why aren’t they pushing me?” Their plan worked and I got real serious after high school and then it became a natural transition once I got through my rebellious stage.

LENELL:  You made your debut in 2009 with your self-titled album.  How did you get discovered?
ARIKA: It was a lot of connecting and networking. I was just putting myself out there at different open mics to network with other songwriters and producers.  I moved to Southern Connecticut in 2006. In 2008, I was signed to my current label, BSE Recordings. It’s funny because they were looking to sign a female artist at that time and they already had someone that they were going to sign. The producer that I was working with at the time introduced me to the label.   The artist they were looking to sign was on the west coast.  The producer I was working with told the label, “You don’t need to go to the west coast; you have this talent right here in your backyard.
I signed with BSE Recordings in 2008.  It was an independent label.  I knew being on an independent label meant that I would have the freedom to use my creativity and be free with my choices. As an artist, that was really exciting for me.

LENELL:  On your website there is a quote that states “Music is the Bedrock of my existence”.  What inspires you?  As a songwriter, how do you prepare to write?  Is it personal or is it emotional?
ARIKA: It’s different every single time. Sometimes it’s just exciting and I’m overwhelmed with the excitement of it all. Writing is my favorite part of being an artist. That’s when it’s so intimate and personal.  It’s like painting a picture that no one has seen yet; not even the label or other writers on the label.  Those moments to me are very, very exciting. As far as the lyrical side to my music, that’s definitely where the emotions come pouring out. That’s where it happens for sure.

LENELL: You’ve had a nice run with successful singles like, Here with Me and Becuz I Love you. One of your songs, Make it, made it onto one of my favorite reality shows, Hollywood Exes. How did that collaboration come about?
ARIKA: It was another gift and blessing. You can only think of it that way.  The creative department from VH1  reached out to us and said that they enjoyed my album and wanted to know if they could use some of the songs as features.  “Of course”, I said.  “Sign me up!”  Sometimes you work so hard and you think it never pays off, but then you sit back and it’s like ‘oh my gosh’ I’m so glad that this happened.
Here With Me was chosen as  a feature on Love and Hip Hop’s first season and that was before Make It.  It was really like an overnight fan base. It was an instant hit; the response was like saying, ‘This is my jam for the next five years.’  It was so cool to gain a fan base from that show and VH1. Then they chose Make It, which is also on my first album as the theme song for Hollywood Exes and that was just the icing on the cake.

 LENELL: Outside of music what other hobbies do you partake in that your fans would be surprised to know about?
ARIKA: I was just thinking about that. I like to go to tag sales. I have a thing for nostalgic items and investment items.  I love antiques and unique pieces. That’s something that I was actually doing this weekend.

LENELL: We are in the midst of summer and there are tons of concerts and festivals coming up in every city across America. What do you have coming up?  
ARIKA: Well I am drenched in my album right now. I am almost at the end of finishing up recording my third album which is titled, Thru The Veil and it’s going to be the monster of my albums.  I’m so excited for my fans to hear all these creations. It was a lot of hard work on my part that went into this album.  My next single from that album to be released is called, Throw It All The Way.

LENELL: What’s the story behind Thru The Veil?
ARIKA: It’s about me, but I like to feel that I’ve incorporated the world as well. The concept basically started from where I have been and the journey where I find myself now in my career. In my last album, Substance, I was at a place where I felt that I was up against everything. I was fighting everything and battling to be seen.  I wanted to be visible and just be where I wanted to be. The funny thing is that now that I’m here with my third album I realize I am exactly where I want to be. My career is unique and I’m choosing to be seen. I’m standing in my success and that’s really what Thru The Veil is all about.

 We look forward to hearing Arika’s singles that will hit the airwaves just in time to finish the summer fun.  The entire album is due to be out in September.  You can tell Arika  how much you like her music through

Again! NYPD Brooklyn Cop CHOKING & STOMPING On Man’s Head!

Officials say NYPD Officer Joel Edouard has been placed on modified assignment on Friday after cell phone video was released showing him apparently stomping on a suspect's head. The video surfaced just days after Eric Garner died while being arrested by New York City police in Brooklyn.
According to the New York Daily News,  police sources say Jahmiel Cuffee was being apprehended by Edouard, 36, and several other officers around 8 p.m. on Wednesday after police allegedly saw the 32-year-old roll a marijuana joint on the street.

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Support RealBloodlines Project- Lives Of Celebrities Offsprings On Kickstarter.

Real Bloodlines is a new TV series based on the REAL life stories and REAL life situations of celebrity offsprings.

The first season will feature the REAl life stories of David Ruffin Jr, Lou Rawls Jr, Richard Pryor Jr, Miki Howard, Al Green Jr, and Phil Crosby Jr.

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Stephen A. Smith Clear The Air On what was said, so there no need for Negative Posting

So Stephen A Smith ESPN "FIRST TAKE" Analyst had to go on twitter to explain himself for what  was said in his debate about the Ray Rice situation and men hitting women. Listen closely on how Mr Smith has always said he was raised by a women, never put his hand on a women and all he said was not to provoke a situation as to where a man will put his hands on you.
We know that many so call men today have no problem hitting a women because they are not built from the same cloths as those who respect women or know how to walk away from a situation before it gets out of hand.
For those who were offended please read what Stephen A Smith said in his tweets to clear the air and after this lets leave this alone. He always been positive towards women and we all know that the negative reporting on many blog is what many want to get views

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Tamela Mann will be at the Bill Harris Arena Hosted by David Mann for more information on Tickets visit
Sunday, August 17, 2014 at 6PM
Bill Harris Arena at the Crossplex
Birmingham, AL
Doors open 4:00 PM
or  visit their website for more tour dates

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Tracey Edmonds Alright T.V IS ALRIGHT! Check it out (Videos)

Edmonds is an award-winning producer and CEO of production company Edmonds Entertainment, whose latest project is the hit series “Deion’s Family Playbook” on OWN. She just join the cast of "Extra which starts in September 2014. But we rather let Tracey tell you all about ALRIGHT T.V



 #ASHTAG "J.O.B Ep #6

CocoaFab STARSTYLE- Tamar Braxton

There are plenty more programs on Alright T.V so check them out at and follow them as well on Twitter

Exclusive Interview with Actress Thea Camara(72hoursMovie)


Bless With More Than 72 Hours

By Lenell King

Thea Camara is a native of Chicago. She grew up in the Austin area, which is in the inner city. Her full name is "Theartis" which means friend of God; therefore, it was destined for Ms. Thea Camara to find success in the world of arts and entertainment. She reveals a defining moment in her life that reconnected her to the passion of…Acting.

LENELL:  I just interviewed your cast mate, Cynda Williams for your upcoming film, 72 Hours.  What did you think about the experience?
THEA: It was simply amazing! Christopher Nolen is a class act! His style of directing is bar none.  He made his entire cast feel extremely special.  It felt like home being around like minded people. The cast and crew were the best in the business. I learned tons and met some awesome people.  If I could describe my experience in one word it would be “EPIC”. 

LENELL:  I‘m really excited about this project. Tell us about your role in 72 Hours.
THEA: I play Martha the mom of the main character. She is very close to her son and wants nothing but the best for him.  She knows him better than he knows himself.  She is also very proud of all of his accomplishments.

LENELL: Outside of 72 hours what other projects do you have coming up?
THEA: I was recently cast in Kimberly Conner’s feature film called “Before I do” Filming will begin at the end of July.  I’m also in a stage play written and directed by Richard Gallion called, Desperate 2.  God is showing me tremendous favor and for that I’m grateful.  I love every aspect of this industry, theater, film, television, commercial, etc.

LENELL: Why did you decide to be an actress?  Were you the dramatic one in the family, was it a lifelong dream or did someone encouraged you to make this a career?

THEA:  I feel that this career chose me.  As far back as I can remember, I felt more of myself performing in front of people than I do doing anything else. It’s natural for me to embody a character. I’m not sure if you are old enough to remember typewriters, but back in the day when the news would come on, there would be a particular sound, almost like a typewriter or a ticking. Well, in the summer while sitting on the porch with family and friends, I would go get my typewriter and pretend to report the news on all the happenings in the neighborhood.  I would start pecking making that same sound as you heard on the evening news.  The response I would get from people had me hooked.  That was another defining moment.

LENELL: Seems like you found your calling early on. You have come so far in your career and have done many things.  What are some of the projects that you worked on?
THEA: Yes, I have come a long way.  I’m so grateful for my journey thus far and the people that have crossed my path.  Before I go into the projects I must tell you a little story.  After college I buried my dream of becoming an actress.  I got married and started a career at AT&T.  One day I received a call from a young lady who was working for a production company and need to connect a trailer. Her name was Sharon King.  She did the casting for the movie Barbershop.  We developed a great rapport over the phone. I was able shared my (buried) passion for acting with Sharon and then one day she asked me if I wanted to be an extra.  Of course I accepted the offer and that was, “The defining moment” in my acting career.  I was able to see Sharon for the first time in years… last year at Mark Harris’s Englewood International Film Festival.  I’ll never forget that moment. It still brings tears to my eyes.
So back to the question at hand, Some of the projects that I have worked on since then are, Englewood and The Growing Pains of Chicago, written and directed by William Cochran, Letters, written and directed by Lawrence Chambers, Jump In, written and directed by Kimberly Connor, Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours and Desperate a stage play written and directed by Richard Gallion. I’d like to add that each one of the projects came with professionalism, Love, tons of Fun!

LENELL: I see you attended the Tasha Smith workshop in Atlanta.  How has that helped you and did you receive any special training to develop your craft?

THEA: Yes I’ve had former training.  However, It wasn’t until I connected with Tasha Smith in Atlanta that I became a well-tuned, spiritually centered performer.  It literally changed my life. She gave me tools that I continue to use today. Her method of teaching is bar none. It’s powerful and insightful.  I continue to use all the tools that she has instilled in me. I feel like I can call her anytime if I really needed her to assist with actor’s blocks etc. She’s just that type of teacher and nurturing person. I love her! Working with her has definitely changed my life in more ways than one. In addition, I’ve attended Columbia College (Chicago), Act I studios, and graduated from Concordia University.

LENELL: I think it’s wonderful that actors like Tasha Smith are creating areas of opportunity for aspiring actors to develop their skills, especially actors of color.  It’s a way of giving back.
Do you think this is something that all actors or entertainers in general should be doing?
THEA:  I think it’s a good thing for anyone to give back.   I myself give back by teaching acting classes at the local park districts in my community.  I provide private coaching as well. It brings me great joy and pleasure to see that spark in someone else.  Seeing anyone make that connection regarding their desires and dreams is priceless!

It’s a great thing to be able to pass on wisdom and experience to the next generation.  Thea managed to stay focused on what matters most in her life.  People who live that way always seem to feel good about all aspects of their life. We all can learn and practice the same principles that Thea follow which is to love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.

You can visit Thea's new website