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Exclusive Interview with Tha Real Momma Dee (LHHATL)

By B. James

When we first met Momma Dee on Love & Hip Hop, the world saw her as an overprotective mother who still wants to protect her grown son, rapper Lil Scrappy from fame hogging females. What made Momma Dee want to be on a show of young people in the entertainment industry?  "Well Scrappy was dating Diamond, formally of Crime Mob for four years and she cheated on Scrappy to go with Soulja Boy”, explains Momma D.  “A radio station, 107.9 was broadcasting the break-up and it really made my son look bad and stupid so I called the radio show and I said these words, ‘If I would've known she was giving up her pu*%y when I was a madam, she could've worked for me.’  And that's why Mona [Scott] came fishing for me and Scrappy.” 

The producers were looking for other cast members for the show.  After filming Jim Jones mama, they thought who else has a mama that is crazy over their children? One of the producers heard the radio show and said Momma Dee would be perfect… listen to this radio interview. As fate would have it, Momma Dee and her son Scrappy were perfect for Love & Hip Hop.  If it is meant for you, nothing on this earth will keep your blessings from getting to you. There may be a few detours, but what I know for sure is that there is always a light at the end of every tunnel.

On the show Love & Hip-Hop we have seen Scrappy try to have a few relationships with women however, Momma Dee makes sure they know who she is and if she approves of the relationship. Who would Momma Dee like to see her son in a relationship with? “Well I think a lot of women don't pay attention,” explains Momma Dee.  “They want to come on Love & Hip-Hop to be with Scrappy, but if they were really watching from season one, they would know that Scrappy has so many eggs in his basket. I mean he still does and I know that, but they want to come on Love & Hip-Hop thinking that they are the one who can lock him down. But it's hard for man to be locked down when he has so many eggs to choose from; they're not listening. I wouldn't mess with him because he continues to cheat, but they want to come on expecting him to be honorable and to be only with them. He’s not going to do that because he's not ready for that and then when I put it out there, they think that I'm being funny, but I'm trying to indirectly tell them something. You better listen to Momma. I know my son and he bought a couple of rings, but no one ever made it down the aisle.” She laughs and says, “I’m trying to tell them something, but ain't nobody listening."  

We know that they are not listening to Momma Dee because they truly think they are the one. "Okay, I will have a glass slipper for the next season.  We will see who will fit into it”, says Momma Dee.  

Scrappy is a young handsome man in the prime of his life and this is the time when a young man should explore all of their options and enjoy life before settling down with a true love. "When you’re young you think you know, but you don't really know,” states Momma Dee. “You don't come into the knowledge until you're in your 40s. You can say I did this, I've done that, I've been stupid… let me look over my life and make sure I don't make the same mistakes."

In 1984 Momma Dee revealed what happened the year she gave birth to her son Scrappy.  "When I gave birth to Scrappy we became two people. They wrapped him up and brought him to me,” remembers Momma Dee.   “I held him and I looked down at him and these were my words, 'I've been waiting nine months for you to get here. I'm your mom and I'm going to do everything I can to love and protect you for the rest of my life.’”

And with that being said directly from Momma Dee’s mouth now you know exactly why she is the way she is with her children. Now we understand. Thank God for those mothers who go beyond the call of duty for the sake of their children to guide them and protect them all the days of their lives.

“I'm going to always protect them,” says Momma Dee.

Throughout the show Momma Dee makes references to a time in history when there were kings, queens and palaces. There is no mistake that Momma Dee makes sure everyone knows she is the queen of her kingdom. If it were up to her she would definitely go back in time to live in a time when kings and queens ruled kingdoms. She adds, “Yes, oh yes I would have loved to live during that time.  I read books from the 17th century and I studied the language and how they would act, what was expected and I just applied it. Everything in the world just keeps repeating itself and it goes around and around.  When I was a young girl, we wore gauchos and now they call them Capris. Stuff just keeps repeating itself and is renamed. So all I did was revamp my kingdom. Some people say to me, ‘Momma Dee do you really live in a palace?’ I answer, ‘Yes I do because the palace is in me and there could be a palace in you. You just got to open your eyes and love yourself; it all comes back to love.’"

There's a lot of fighting that goes on with the young girls on the show and Momma Dee is someone they respect and look up to however, people are going to create their own drama and there's nothing that anyone can do to stop it if someone has their mind on creating drama. Joseline started a huge fight on the reunion show.  "For the record I would just like to say this,” says Momma Dee. “I didn't like the level of violence that happened that day, but I can identify with her anger and let me tell you why... As a woman, if her and Stevie J are married or not and a woman came to my house who had slept with my man and is now dating my husband's friend, it don't matter… You can’t just come in my house and smile in my face. Now as a woman I'm known for keeping it real…. Listen… We would all feel the same and if a woman says she wouldn't, she's a damn lie. That’s one thing women do not tolerate.  They do not let another *itch come into their home if they laid with their man.  We are not taking that!”

Since we are a ‘no gossip’ site, we give celebrities the opportunity to clear up any misconceptions that may be floating around social media. Momma Dee says that she is good. "No, nothing is bothering me because I tell it like it is. I don't hide anything. I came on the first season and said I used to be a madam, I used to sell drugs and I did that because when you come on this type of show, whatever your skeletons are they’re coming out. So I thought it best for me to tell it because I know how to tell my own story. If the world got a hold of it through word of mouth, they were going to drag me.  So it's best that it came from my mouth. If I'm being honest about it, then the world cannot destroy me because I'm here telling my own story. I'm the one that's living it so I'm the best person to tell it.”

When you watch Momma Dee on television she looks as though she is enjoying life and embracing every door that opens for her at this time in her life.  Aside from making sure her son Scrappy is hooked up with the right girl Momma Dee surprised everyone by revealing her beautiful singing voice. It looks like her solo career as a singer is being launched. How come we haven't heard her voice before this time?  "I have been singing since I was a little girl,” says Momma Dee. “I was singing in nightclubs when Scrappy was a little boy with live bands throughout Atlanta.  When he became a teenager I kind of gave it up and let him chase his dream and got in behind him.  Since I was on Love & Hip-Hop I wrote the song, "I Deserve". It was written out of pain and anguish because a lot of people go on social media and say, ‘Momma Dee mind your own business and let Scrappy be a man.  Let Scrappy grow up to be a man; he's all grown.’ But what they don't understand is that my stepfather beat me physically and my mother allowed it to happen and he also beat her. She allowed these things to happen and it just tore me up. So I had to write about it and that's why you hear me sing a verse that says, ‘I thought a mother’s kind of love was supposed to be sent from heaven above. The day you left this world to my surprise the love I wanted from you inside you denied. But you're the reason why, mama I rededicated my life to my kids because I deserve, I deserve to be loved.’”

Scrappy look a little surprised but proud to see his mama onstage doing her thing and singing her heart out again. Maybe now that her singing career has taken off, she may not be able to keep up with Scrappy and his eggs. He said to her,  “I see you're back at it again mama” and Momma Dee said, “Yeah, I'm going to give it a second swing and see what happens."

Momma Dee and her brother were both abused by her stepfather at a young age. When children have nowhere to go, this type of situation leaves damaging scars mentally and physically. Thank goodness her grandparents were able to pull them out of that situation and get legal guardianship over with them. However, her journey was still a struggle. She did manage to stay in high school for a minute however; she ran away several times and had a drug overdose to try to kill herself because as a young girl she didn't know any other way out. "I thought by dying and being in a casket I would be safe," remembers Momma Dee. "It wasn't a safe environment that I was in and she loved him unconditionally even though he cheated and beat her.” 

Momma Dee revealed the day her mother, who was a schoolteacher told her that her husband; Momma Dee's stepfather wanted her out of the house.  He said she had to go. Momma Dee couldn't believe that a mother would let someone beat her and the kids who are not theirs then put them on the street. Plus when the same man who beats you tries to leave, you don't want him to go, but your child can go?!?  Even though this happened years ago you could still hear the pain, hurt and suffering that is still at the surface as though it happened yesterday. Momma Dee successfully raised two children in what could be a cold, cruel world and look at her now.  She stands victorious!  However, in order for her to remain victorious inside and out, that chapter in her life must be annihilated and then she must let it go. Momma Dee added, “Still waters run deep. My video for this song will be out shortly and it will document everything that happened to me.”

That's going to be a powerful video. I hope that it wakes people up to the abuse that is happening in the world. “Looking at it from a child's point of view you don't know how to get out of that and don't have any money to go anywhere, but as a grown woman, you have a chance to walk out of that and you don’t,” says Momma Dee. “Therefore you put yourself and kids you didn't have by him in physical danger.  Thank God I lived through it because it could've been enough to kill me. Some kids don't make it out. So I'm lucky to be here. I want women to hear me…  I need to reach the mothers… I need to tell women this... for those who can hear my voice... anytime someone has to beat you or verbally, mentally abuse you to justify their needs, that's not love. Get out of that and please mothers protect your children. Don't love your man more than you love the child you brought into this world because that child is a gift from God. Children don’t deserve that and when women say they stay in it for the kids, they are lying. They stay in it because they want to stay in that stupidness and that's co-addiction behavior.  LEAVE! If you love your child, you should love them enough to walk out of that.”

Now that you got a little bit of insight into the mind and the journey of Momma Dee, you know exactly why she is so protective over her children.  "A lot of people on social media don't know my story. I have two kids Scrappy and Jazzmine. They are grown however; no man will ever come between my kids and me. Sorry!"  We don't get a chance to see her daughter. She is trying to get her to come on the show. VH1 thinks Momma Dee gets crazy about protecting Scrappy so to have two children of Momma Dee's on the show would be unpredictable as to what would happen if anyone tried to harm her daughter. Momma Dee adds, “My daughter’s boyfriend doesn't have a job so I helped him get a job. She has two kids and I will put a knife to his neck if he handles my daughter the wrong way.” She laughs and says, “I don't play that; I don't play that. I live for those kids and they’re all grown. People say that my kids are grown and they have their own lives, their own children, but I don't care. This is what I told Scrappy and my daughter, ‘You belong to me and your kids belong to me. Now what!"

Momma Dee's mother died when they were filming season one. She was at the mortuary two days before they filmed the episode where Scrappy was having an asthma attack and Momma Dee felt that Erica didn't call for help quick enough and almost left her son for dead.  Momma Dee adds, "People didn't know that my mother had died two days before that episode. So when Scrappy stopped breathing because of an asthma attack and Erica didn't call the paramedics for him, it's real. People thought that it was all scripted. Unfortunately, I wish that I could read a script and go to work and portray this drama and have drinks at a bar around the corner with the person I just threw wine on or just tried to play like I was fighting… No, no; it's real.”
 With everything that Momma Dee knows about life, what would she tell her grandchildren about life?  “I would say to put God first and to love herself because how can you tell someone you love them and you don't love yourself,” advises Momma Dee.  “When you get ready to love someone and your actions show that you don't love yourself how could you love anyone else. You got to love yourself first and that goes for everyone.”

If you haven't noticed, Momma Dee is a good-looking woman and with her newfound fame I'm sure a lot of male suitors are asking for her hand. "She laughs and says, “Yes, I got a lot of marriage proposals on Twitter now.  I also had some death threats and people saying that when they see me they are going to kick my ass. I was at Bruce Bruce party and I had bodyguards around me. This lady reached her arm through the bodyguards and grabbed me. I jumped and asked her why would she do that? Why would you put your hands on me? You don't put your hands on people you don't know. Now out of sheer fear if I would have knocked the hell out of her, she would have to tried to sue me! Don’t touch me! There are other ways to get my attention. The people who have made threats or say they wanted to kick my ass, I don't know where they're coming from so you just can't walk up and put your hands on me to get my attention.  Don't touch me.  Another woman approached me and said, ‘I am your biggest fan.  Can I have a picture.’ I said, ‘Sure’ and I took the picture, but this other lady wants to pass her hands through my bodyguards and put her hands on me.”

This is been some journey that Momma Dee has been through from an early age. When she looks back at her life, it definitely has been an adventure.  She adds, “I feel like I was treated like a peasant and now I am the queen. I was once like Cinderella who wore shoes with holes in it because my mama bought everything for my baby sister who she had from my stepfather.  She was treated like she had a silver spoon in her mouth and I was treated just like Cinderella. So I know how it feels to be treated like a peasant.”

You can keep up with Momma Dee on her Twitter Also look out for her book entitled. The Making Of A Queen In That Order. It should be out by the spring. She will definitely be on the next season of Love & Hip-Hop and one day she hopes that they will do a show where all the mothers of the sons on the show could talk about how they feel about their sons and the women in their lives. “Yes, I think that people would watch that,” says Momma Dee.  “It could be a one-time special. I think some interesting things will come out and a lot of women would be able to identify with us.” 

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