Friday, January 16, 2015

Wale Rather Have 'Round The Way' Girls Than Instagram Models In His Videos

 Wale has always spoken about women, especially Black women, with positive attributes in his music and interviews, but lately he’s been more than frustrated with the depictions of women in the media. In a recent conversation with Necole Bitchie, Wale explains that he purposely used a “round the way” woman instead of a half–naked one because he wanted to remember when “black women were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures.”
Simple and to the point, and says a lot about what’s “the norm” these days. He recounts being young and seeing Lisa Bonet and Jada Pinkett (Smith) and not thinking “Sex!” the entire time. He writes:
I have honestly been sick and tired of our representation in the entertainment world. I feel like they curve “us” as a whole, then every blue moon they allow a pass for a Black person and we’re supposed to throw a party for it.
My question is: What happened to Hollywood?
I remember Lisa Bonet and a plethora of other beautiful Black women on “Different World.” I remember princess Jada [Pinkett]. I used to daydream about her. I was only in elementary school but when I first saw Jada I was in love. Nothing about this princess screamed, “Sex!” My mind was allowed to play with the idea of what lies under this fully clothed “around the way” girl. True, perhaps a child shouldn’t have such fantasies but that’s besides the point.
Black women were represented in such a way that they were not hyper-sexualized objects created by doctors with the sole intent to take pictures, just to add on even more enhancements- be it Photoshop or an abundance of makeup with a sprinkle of good lighting.


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