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Sundy Carter Exits BBWLA Exclusive Interview


By Belinda Trotter James 

 I am officially announcing that I, Sundy Carter will not return to Basketball Wives La season 4. I have a number of projects in the making, however I am unable to discuss or state what those endeavors are. I will provide an update on my new ventures that I will be attached to in the spring of 2015. I would like to thank VH1 for affording me the opportunity to star in season 3
Sundy Carter came into the national spotlight when she appeared as Jackie Christie’s friend on Basketball Wives LA. However, fans of Ms. Carter know that she has been an actress long before the LA spotlight. New fans have formed an opinion about her before seeing her long list of movie roles.  In this exclusive interview Sundy will clear up a lot of things that we witnessed while she was on Basketball Wives and reveal how she feels about the entire experience and her upcoming projects.

Since Sundy is friends with many Hollywood celebrities, it was only a matter of time before she would be discovered and put in front of cameras that loved every move she made on Basketball Wives LA… “Jackie and I are really, really good friends and she vented to me a little bit about what was going on in the previous season and I just gave her some sound advice,” explains Sundy.  “The producers liked the chemistry between Jackie and me so she put a word in and I went in to do an interview and it kind of spiraled into me being on the show.”

In the previous season it looked as though Jackie was always in the middle of a misunderstanding with the girls. Then when Jackie appeared the next season with Sundy, audiences thought Jackie had a partner to pull into the drama. However, that did not happen. Jackie appeared to be an angel on the show while Sundy seemed to be the fire starter. She could not get mad at how she was portrayed on the show because it did happen however, Sundy clears up exactly what we thought we saw...

"This is the thing…” begins Sundy.  “When you deal with reality television, you have to look at it with a grain of salt. You have to understand editing; you have to understand that you’re in the moment and don’t know what realistically happened. So how they portrayed me on the show I wouldn't say that I'm mad at it because those things did happen and they did occurred however, what I don't like is the part that wasn't shown to make those things occur. They did not show me being provoked into saying something that was said. Therefore, if the audience is observing my reaction, then they can come to the conclusion that it was me being a bully or me being a shit starter or a hater and all those things.  They thought it was me being negative and it wasn't.  They never saw all the things that happened to bring all of that out. I don't think anybody in their right mind would just go on national TV for no reason and just start bashing everybody.” 
 “I don't think I came across like that initially because if you go back to the very first episode, I was trying to be cordial with everybody that was there. However, I feel like people had Googled me, looked me up and brought up things that were none of their business. I felt like these girls had it out for me and I don't understand why. I wanted to be very organic to the show. I didn't want to look anybody up on Google and certain people I didn't have to look up because I already know a little bit about them. So as far as how they portrayed me on the show, I can't say I'm mad at it because it is what it is. It’s just basically a part of editing and that sort of thing so I cannot be mad at it at all to be very honest. I can’t jump for joy either and say, ‘Oh yes! I love my character on the show.’”

“I think if people could just step back, look at the situation at hand and say to themselves, ‘I wonder why or what happened prior to this conversation?’  If they would've gotten the full feel, I bet people’s opinion of me would be totally different.   I couldn’t believe the reaction I was getting from viewers. Wow, I'm like the biggest villain on the show and I didn't even know.  It's crazy because when you're in the moment, you're just being who you are; every one has an opinion.  It’s not a scripted show. I'm very outspoken and people take me being outspoken as something totally different when I'm just being brutally honest.  If I don't like something, I’m going to speak up.  If you ask me, ‘Do you like my shoes?’ I'm not going to say I like your shoes if I really don’t. I'm going to say, ‘No’. I'm going to give you an honest answer. Don't ask me if you don't really want to know the truth and that's pretty much what a lot of those scenarios were about. It wasn’t about them asking my opinion, but if I don't agree with something, I’m not just going to agree. I'm not going to follow the crowd. I've never been a follower. I've always been one to lead and that's just what it is. I never was a cliquish kind of girl. I don't roll in clicks so I felt like at some point the girls had clicked up and it was three against three.”
Reality TV has a way of manipulating the audience to see a person in one way or another. The magic of editing can either make you or break you.  With that being said would Sundy take the chance to do another reality show? She replies, "You know what… I would do another reality show. I have already opened my life to the world. I feel like there are so many other layers that need to be shown and exposed. I definitely would do it so that people can get to know that other side of Sundy.  People need to see that I am America's sweetheart and I'm not that horrific person. I am a humanitarian, I do have a heart, I do love, I am not a hate filled person… I am not that person at all. To get to know me is to love me. Everyone that knows me knows who I am.  They have been in my company, they have had conversations with me and those who have been in my life have nothing bad to say about me whatsoever.  Even they were surprised and said, ‘What the hell is going on?’  So I would definitely do another reality show. Why not.”
Doing a reality show can be wonderful however, when you put yourself out there, you have to take the positive comments along with the negative. There are some fans that make it their life’s work to put negative information out on celebrities whether it's true or not. "You have to understand these are fans,” says Sundy.  “These are people that have literally nothing to do.  They have nothing but time on their hands.  I don't know what it is that makes them want to pick at a person.  I look at it like this… When you are chosen, you are always going to be ridiculed. When you have that ‘wow’ factor, when you have something totally different about you, people are going to attack that and they're going to try to make you look as negative as possible even in a good light.  They don't showcase me feeding the homeless, they don't showcase the fact that I paid for two girls to go to their prom. I paid for their gowns, hair, nails and a car service.  
 I provided everything for these unfortunate girls who couldn't afford to go to their senior prom. They don't showcase the great that I do. So, I just equate that to the Bible. I always go back to my roots which is the Bible and I look at Jesus Christ and say, ‘Wow, Jesus did so many wonderful things, but look at what they are doing to him.  Look at what they're saying about him.’ I'm not trying to compare my self to Jesus, but what I'm saying is he was chosen and if you look at the greatest people that were chosen… Martin Luther King… Malcolm X… they were all ridiculed for being great. I mean clearly God has a purpose for me and greatness is within that purpose.  Somewhere along the line it has to be there because it is no way I should have so much negative feedback. Many people feel they know me well enough to hate me… Really? They don't even know me.  They don't know anything about me besides what they see on TV and for all you know it could be a scripted show. You don't know me, but you're developing an opinion. On the flip side I do have some people who are my fans who love, support and care about me.  They live all over the world as far away as Africa.  So I get those messages as well. It's like a Catch-22… I feel like the great ones are ridiculed and I’m not bragging, but there is definitely something different about me.”

It's a shame that people can do well by others and still be seen negatively.  If this is happening to you, it only means that a major blessing is about to come your way because if it wasn't true then negative forces wouldn't be trying so hard to make you give up and drop to your knees in frustration.  This is just part of the journey so don't you dare give up in your quest for love, happiness and freedom.

Even though for some this is the first time seeing Sundy on a national level, she is an actress first and has appeared in over eleven movies which include State Property, Bringing Down The House, Soul Plane, Ex$pendable, 4 Life and After Autumn just to name a few.  Sundy adds, “I have a history in theater as well.  I just did a play entitled, My Husband’s Mistress with Tara Wallace from Love & Hip-Hop and I am working on other things. I have so many things down the pipeline that I am working on.  So reality TV is kind of hard when you're in reality TV and you try to flip over to film or TV. The transition will be easy for me to go back to film and TV from being on reality TV because I did TV and film first. I didn't come into this doing reality television. I started off acting and I have about 12 movies under my belt.” 
 “When music videos were a great thing to do at the time, I was in great videos where I didn't Sundy also takes time out of her busy schedule to lend a hand in charitable events plus has a foundation she started.  “My foundation is called My Heart Foundation and it was started because my son had heart surgery when he was one years old,” remembers Sundy.  “Heart disease runs in my family on my mother’s side and for some reason it only shows up in the boys of the family.  All of her brothers have either had some kind of heart situation, heart surgery, a murmur or something, but we learned very on that my son had a particular heart disease. We had to wait a whole year until he could get the surgery because he was too small to have it before then.  After he got the surgery they told me he wouldn't grow pass four feet; he is 6’2”.  They said he will never be able to play sports; he played basketball, football… he does everything! He's in the gym, he boxes, and he does so many things so my foundation is dedicated to my son, Derek.  I really just wanted to bring awareness to heart disease in children and to let people know that you don't have to be an older person or obese have heart problems.  There are so many scenarios and that’s why you have to be very careful and mindful when it comes to your children.   They must be checked so that they don't have these problems. They could have missed that in my son if I didn't take him to the hospital.”  

To keep the awareness going on heart disease in children Sundy hosts Sip ‘n Shop pop ups every few months to raise awareness and money.  “I like to do Sip ‘n Shop events. I did one Sip ‘n Shop silent auction in LA. I took all the clothes that I wore on Basketball Wives LA and auctioned them off. Then I took the money raised from the event and gave it to a children's hospital in LA. I’m working on getting a website built and doing more events. The LA Sip ‘n Shop was so successful that I did one in Atlanta, Philly, DC and Baltimore.”
To have something that looked like a tragedy ultimately turned into something very beautiful and helpful which brought awareness to children with heart disease.  Many celebrities who have had some sort of tragedy or challenge will often use their voice and celebrity status to bring awareness, light and love to those in need. "You have to use your voice,” says Sundy. “When you have a voice, you have to use your platform to speak about it and let people know plus you have to educate them.  What type of person is a celebrity who says nothing? What is that?  Along with the Sip ‘n Shop I was also able to showcase small urban businesses that don't really get the chance to showcase their items and have someone come out and wear/use their products.  I host the event, I go to the different vendors and I speak with them about the event.  People might miss what I do because there is so much negativity out there.  They may see that I do a Sip ‘n Shop, but may not know the story behind why I do a Sip ‘n Shop. Sometimes the negativity can outshine the positive things I do.

You can read all about the My Heart Foundation on Sundy’s Instagram or visit her twitter    Fans of Sundy can also check out her fan page at!sundyfanpage/c1jnd  to see where the next Sip ‘n Shop pop-up will take place along with her other projects.  Stay tuned…

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