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Exclusive Interview with The Rucker Sisters From Love Thy Sister


Featuring the
RUCKER Sisters
It’s All In The Family
Part 1
The latest reality show to jump into the pool of fun family adventure is the Rucker Sisters.  They will be joining the WE TV family with Love Thy Sister which is a story about the loving relationship between sisters, Ruby, the eldest sister, Ellen, the middle child and Ione, the youngest of the three.  The three sisters including five other siblings belong to one of the oldest and prominent families in the Carolinas.  There was so much to talk about with the sisters that we will have to make this a revealing 4-part interview. Part 1 will talk with the sisters together and the other parts will speak with them individually. In this exclusive interview, we will talk to the sisters about putting their personal lives on national television for all to see and if it’s healthy to have all your business exposed. 


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The girls did their homework and watched other reality television shows just to see what was out there and to see what America likes to watch on TV.  With all the physical fighting and hair pulling associated with some of the shows, it didn’t scare them away from showing America that there is something special about the Rucker Family.

“I have to admit I tried to watch a little bit of all the shows,” says Ellen. “The similarity that I do see in reality television and I can only talk about the family reality shows… all that I noticed is that it's a lot of love in the household.” Ruby adds, “Our show is a reality family show because our kids are involved. When people open their lives up to the cameras, you will be judged on a lot of different things. And now I'm judged about how I raise my kids. The stuff you allow your kids to do in the house is not necessarily what they do in public. It's in the privacy of my four walls. On the show they mentioned the cussin’ with my daughter Riley.  She may say things within our four walls and around people who she has a comfort level with, but Riley has never been suspended from school, she's never been kicked out of church, she's never been kicked out of her dance, singing or acting classes because she has sense enough to know that what I allow her to do at home society may look down on a little bit.  She will never do it out in public unless she is prompted to. In that episode I think people are forgetting what happened… I was mad at my sisters because they told Riley's grandparents that she cursed. So obviously that meant my parents didn't even know that Riley cursed. When you have a camera that is following you around, they are seeing all the things that might not be so great that you allow your kids to do.” 
 Ellen adds, "The reality of Ruby’s episode of Riley cursing shows that so many mothers go through that.  So many mothers have kids who repeat or have a potty mouth and there have been books explaining how to stop your kids from having a potty mouth. So the things that we show are things that so many mothers go through or so many women go through. For instance on the show I’m having issues with trust. I mean how many women in the world at one point in their lives had issues with trust. I mean my girlfriends have those same issues."

Ruby adds, "I think that one good thing about our show is that you're going to see the good, the bad and the ugly.  You're going to see real issues and I think that's when we are going to share with you some real heart felt issues that we deal with as mothers and as women.” Ione chimed in to say, "The feedback that we've gotten off of our show is that we are so relatable and people who didn't think we were relatable are saying that we are just real and they can relate to all the problems that we are having and the issues we are going through with dating, children cussing and with Ellen’s trust issues. So all of our problems are every day problems and they are very relatable.”

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 Some of the similarities of most reality shows are definitely the fighting and calling people out of their names along with the shadiness in various relationships. The girls do get into it with each other a little bit on the show, but that's life and you'll find people agreeing to disagree in every walk of life.  Ruby explains, “I don't know if you have sisters, but when we do have disagreements, it's coming out of a place of love. Let's go back to the cursing incident where we fought which was the first episode…  Ellen and Ione were trying to tell me that it wasn't good to let Riley curse because she's only nine years old. ‘She shouldn't be cursing.’ So of course that's going to make me angry and I had to say to myself, ‘Wait-a-minute… Why are you questioning the way I mother?’ So our fighting I think comes out of places of love and then we always come back together. There may be a conflict, but by the end of the episode you're always back to the center. You always see the love of the family, ourselves and our community. And that's what you will see on our show.  Never, never is there anything physical like on some of the other shows. I don't want to talk negative about any of the other shows, but there isn't anything physical and we do use our words, but we always come back to the center which is always about love.  It wouldn't be reality if they didn't show us having conflicts."   “It's real life issues that are going on. It is nothing made up,"  adds Ione. "I think the difference is that we are sisters, we are close and we talk so much all day long. It’s our issues that we deal with every day with our family and it’s not anything that is made up; it's organic and that's what makes it good TV.”
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After experiencing reality TV, the sisters said that they would do it again and they are looking forward to a second season.  "The viewers need to know we are showing black, educated women on TV and America needs to see that. We are not from a famous household; we don’t have a hit album, movie or anything like that… We are just normal black, educated women,” says Ruby. “I have a law degree, Ellen is a chiropractor and Ione has a Masters in early childhood education. America needs to see that.”
There are a total of eight siblings in the family and they all went to college however, they were not all pressured to go to the same college as their father. “Our father went to Morehouse and it was kind of a tradition for our family to go to Spellman or Morehouse, but some of us went to other colleges,” says Ruby.
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With a big family there is always one household that hosts the major family holiday events.  In my family it’s my sister-in-law who is the eldest and has been hosting our annual Christmas Eve party for over 20 years at her house. The Rucker sisters said at the same time, “We rotate.”  They laughed and Ruby said, “We do rotate however, Ellen's house is the perfect house for it, but Ellen doesn't like to have people in her house so me and Ione rotate have it at our houses.” Ellen disagrees and says, “That's not true! I hosted two Christmases in a row. So what are you talking about?!?”  There was silence and Ellen continued to say, “My mom still hosts Thanksgiving though.  With a large family like ours everyone is going to have opinions and everybody is going to say what's right for you and what you should be doing, but ultimately you have to make those decisions on your own.  You will see that a lot on the show. You will also see conflicts on the show, but it's out of love and it's between family so you are not going to see us fighting or fussing with strangers; it is sisterly love. They want what's best for you even though you may not necessarily agree.”

Even though the stars of the show are the three sisters you will see their siblings making cameo appearances on the show as well.  Ruby says "Our brother, Aaron appears on the show a lot. My parents have 16 grandkids and most of the grandkids will appear on the show at some point.”  Ellen adds, “And then we have two aunts that live with Ruby who appear on the show.”  Ione says "I have a transgender best friend who lives with me who appears on the show.  She has a very big part on the show and it's good because we are southern women and we have high morals, but we are also very accepting of all types of people. When we were in college London was a boy and he was shunned upon by his family because he was gay and my family always accepted London on holidays, special occasions and trips. London has become part of our family and now his own family has grown to love and accept him for whom he is.  I think it's good to show that we are a southern family who are very accepting of all types of people. We think she is going to be a great character and a great person for transgender people to look up to."

Ruby adds, “London is famous in her own right. Do you remember when a male student was beat up really badly at Morehouse in the shower because he was gay? Well, London was the spokesperson for the gay people when that happened. She was speaking out against discrimination against gays at Morehouse.”

The dynamics of the Rucker households are very entertaining to watch.  Between the aunts, London, the children, the husbands along with exes plus the siblings and of course the three fabulous diva sisters, you will find that you’re not the only family who has daily, monthly and yearly issues.  It’s a relief to learn people go through stuff which we call life and they learn from each other on how to kiss and makeup.  Watch Love Thy Sister every Thursday on WE TV and stay tuned to for parts 2, 3 and 4 of my individual conversations with Ruby, Ellen and Ione.
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