Monday, January 12, 2015

Trailer-Meet Author Shari Quinn New Book "Disloyalty"

Shari W. Quinn, is a native of Albany, New York. After living in suburban Atlanta for eight years, she relocated back to New York’s Capital Region. She is a leader in education, college instructor, and has been in higher education industry for more than 15 years. She has held several leadership roles such as Director of Admissions, Assistant Director of Admissions and School Director. She has served as a guest speaker in over 75 high schools throughout New York State on the importance of higher education, college preparation, and career planning. She continues to speak to large audiences on educational issues. She is passionate about education, and is committed to connecting students to academic and career success. She currently works for a large private college in Albany, New York.

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Disloyalty is an intense suspense about lust, betrayal, and friendships gone wrong. The betrayer depicted has weak boundaries, distorted values, and a jealous heart. She desperately craves the lifestyle and enjoyments her successful friend has, and men are no exception. Her thrill of deception is not only enticing but an appetizing hunt. After growing weary of living in the dark shadows of her long time friend, the betrayer naively follows the whispering guidance of fellow instigators proving the power of manipulation, incompetency, and inadequacy, leaving her in a daunting situation in which only she can escape. The continuous suspense and never-ending saga between accomplices and friends will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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