Saturday, January 3, 2015

Support Black Newspapers-Listing of all Black Newspapers

99% of us grew up in urban areas and we all ran across our local Black Newspaper if you lived in New York it was the New York Amsterdam News or if you lived in Pittsburgh it was the Pittsburgh Courier. And yes some of us supported these newspapers and then we just went and got our favorite hometown paper to read the popular news. But lets remember that alot of these black newspapers have done alot for their communities and are still around today.
Amsterdam News still in Harlem (2015)

Well thanks to they have listed all the Black Newspapers that are still around toda yputting out news we might never see or hear about from the commercial newspapers and news outlet.
Please enjoy reading these different newspapers and supporting a LEGACY!
We not here to give a history lesson just to make you aware of your surroundings!

Newsboy selling the Chicago Defender, April 1942

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