Friday, July 4, 2014

Video- Hip Hop Pioneer Kurtis Blow Perform "The Breaks' & Upcoming Tour Dates

Hip Hop Real Pioneer Kurtis Blow 35 years later still performing, The Man who gave Russell Simmons his way into hip hop, The man who did the 1st Hip Hop Commercial for Sprite, the only rapper to perform with Bob Marley in Madison Square Garden and the list goes on. Who don't know the song Basketball" that Bow Wow Re recorded with Jermaine Dupri.
Kurtis has been busy with his Gospel Church and still touring and now he is involove with helping preserve the history of Hip Hop legacy of its birth because there are alot of untruthful stories being told these days, and there is a need for the generations to come to know the true facts of this Culture.
Here is Kurtis Blow performing not to long ago in the Bronx in what we called a block Party for the Hip Hop Museum.

And yes Kurtis Blow is on tour this summer make sure to catch this Hip Hop Legend Tour
The Tour Dates

The Kurtis Blow World Tour - The Greatest Show In Hip Hop!!!
35th Anniversary of Christmas Rap!
30th Anniversary of Basketball!!!
Email for a date and represent your city with the real!!!!
Be a part of the 1st Hip Hop Museum - lets preserve our culture!!!!
11-17 Aruba
18 - New Haven CT
19 - Pomona CA
20 - Long Beach CA
26 - New Smyrna Beach FL
1 - Washington DC
5 - Rikers Island NY
7 - Rikers Island NY
8 - Stamford CT
9 - 55 Bday - BB Kings - NYC
10 - Red Hook NY
16 - Albany NY
20 - Boston
24 - Philadelphia PA
29-31 Orlando FL
5 - Fresno CA
6 - Salt Lake City UT
13 Oakland
19 -Vincenza Italy
20 - Montreux Switzerland
24-28 Milan Italy
1 - Rennes France
2 - Baltic Soul Hamburg Germany
11 - Helsinki Finland
18 - Wurzburg Germany
23 - Long Island NY
24 - Omaha Nebraska
Kurtis Blow is also featured on Who's That Lady Entertainment in the Who's That Guy Section check him out!kurtis-blow-s-aka-kurtis-walker/zoom/cgrd/imagetcf and folow him on Twitter

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