Saturday, July 5, 2014

Our Prayers to Pastor Shirley Caesar’s Husband Bishop Harold Ivory Williams Dies

Bishop Harold Ivory Williams, Sr., former Presiding Prelate and Senior Bishop Emeritus of the Mount Calvary Holy Church of America (MCHCA), Inc., passed today (July 4).  He was 93 years old. 

Bishop Williams led MCHCA for more than 37 years as Senior Bishop, succeeding the organization's founder Bishop Brumfield Johnson, before choosing to take emeritus status in 2008. Simultaneous to his leadership of the parent organization, he pastored Winston-Salem's Mount Calvary Holy Church, Washington, DC's Mount Calvary Holy Church, and founded a church in Baltimore, according to his bio.  At the time of his demise, he and his wife of 31 years, Pastor Shirley Caesar-Williams, were co-pastors of Raleigh's Mount Calvary Word of Faith.


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