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Exclusive Interview with Actress Thea Camara(72hoursMovie)


Bless With More Than 72 Hours

By Lenell King

Thea Camara is a native of Chicago. She grew up in the Austin area, which is in the inner city. Her full name is "Theartis" which means friend of God; therefore, it was destined for Ms. Thea Camara to find success in the world of arts and entertainment. She reveals a defining moment in her life that reconnected her to the passion of…Acting.

LENELL:  I just interviewed your cast mate, Cynda Williams for your upcoming film, 72 Hours.  What did you think about the experience?
THEA: It was simply amazing! Christopher Nolen is a class act! His style of directing is bar none.  He made his entire cast feel extremely special.  It felt like home being around like minded people. The cast and crew were the best in the business. I learned tons and met some awesome people.  If I could describe my experience in one word it would be “EPIC”. 

LENELL:  I‘m really excited about this project. Tell us about your role in 72 Hours.
THEA: I play Martha the mom of the main character. She is very close to her son and wants nothing but the best for him.  She knows him better than he knows himself.  She is also very proud of all of his accomplishments.

LENELL: Outside of 72 hours what other projects do you have coming up?
THEA: I was recently cast in Kimberly Conner’s feature film called “Before I do” Filming will begin at the end of July.  I’m also in a stage play written and directed by Richard Gallion called, Desperate 2.  God is showing me tremendous favor and for that I’m grateful.  I love every aspect of this industry, theater, film, television, commercial, etc.

LENELL: Why did you decide to be an actress?  Were you the dramatic one in the family, was it a lifelong dream or did someone encouraged you to make this a career?

THEA:  I feel that this career chose me.  As far back as I can remember, I felt more of myself performing in front of people than I do doing anything else. It’s natural for me to embody a character. I’m not sure if you are old enough to remember typewriters, but back in the day when the news would come on, there would be a particular sound, almost like a typewriter or a ticking. Well, in the summer while sitting on the porch with family and friends, I would go get my typewriter and pretend to report the news on all the happenings in the neighborhood.  I would start pecking making that same sound as you heard on the evening news.  The response I would get from people had me hooked.  That was another defining moment.

LENELL: Seems like you found your calling early on. You have come so far in your career and have done many things.  What are some of the projects that you worked on?
THEA: Yes, I have come a long way.  I’m so grateful for my journey thus far and the people that have crossed my path.  Before I go into the projects I must tell you a little story.  After college I buried my dream of becoming an actress.  I got married and started a career at AT&T.  One day I received a call from a young lady who was working for a production company and need to connect a trailer. Her name was Sharon King.  She did the casting for the movie Barbershop.  We developed a great rapport over the phone. I was able shared my (buried) passion for acting with Sharon and then one day she asked me if I wanted to be an extra.  Of course I accepted the offer and that was, “The defining moment” in my acting career.  I was able to see Sharon for the first time in years… last year at Mark Harris’s Englewood International Film Festival.  I’ll never forget that moment. It still brings tears to my eyes.
So back to the question at hand, Some of the projects that I have worked on since then are, Englewood and The Growing Pains of Chicago, written and directed by William Cochran, Letters, written and directed by Lawrence Chambers, Jump In, written and directed by Kimberly Connor, Christopher Nolen’s 72 Hours and Desperate a stage play written and directed by Richard Gallion. I’d like to add that each one of the projects came with professionalism, Love, tons of Fun!

LENELL: I see you attended the Tasha Smith workshop in Atlanta.  How has that helped you and did you receive any special training to develop your craft?

THEA: Yes I’ve had former training.  However, It wasn’t until I connected with Tasha Smith in Atlanta that I became a well-tuned, spiritually centered performer.  It literally changed my life. She gave me tools that I continue to use today. Her method of teaching is bar none. It’s powerful and insightful.  I continue to use all the tools that she has instilled in me. I feel like I can call her anytime if I really needed her to assist with actor’s blocks etc. She’s just that type of teacher and nurturing person. I love her! Working with her has definitely changed my life in more ways than one. In addition, I’ve attended Columbia College (Chicago), Act I studios, and graduated from Concordia University.

LENELL: I think it’s wonderful that actors like Tasha Smith are creating areas of opportunity for aspiring actors to develop their skills, especially actors of color.  It’s a way of giving back.
Do you think this is something that all actors or entertainers in general should be doing?
THEA:  I think it’s a good thing for anyone to give back.   I myself give back by teaching acting classes at the local park districts in my community.  I provide private coaching as well. It brings me great joy and pleasure to see that spark in someone else.  Seeing anyone make that connection regarding their desires and dreams is priceless!

It’s a great thing to be able to pass on wisdom and experience to the next generation.  Thea managed to stay focused on what matters most in her life.  People who live that way always seem to feel good about all aspects of their life. We all can learn and practice the same principles that Thea follow which is to love what you do and you will never work a day in your life.

You can visit Thea's new website http://www.theacamara.com 

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