Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Daddy Dearest Deion Sanders Family Playbook On OWN Don't Miss It!

Prime Time, Neon Deion, yes, those were some of the names given to this former football  and baseball player. Now he Daddy Dearest with his own show which has been on for a few years, but has been recently added to the Oprah's OWN Network. (Best Daddy Family Show On T.V.)
Watching Deion interact with ten kids, yes ten kids is amazing and we know it's not just for T.V because you cannot make up the things that happen on the show. Dealing with his daughters and sons with the help of the mothers plus his girlfriend or as I would say his other half, are making this work as a true and happy family. For me watching his show is inspiring for all men who actually need to be better men today in dealing with their families.

Let's not forget his busy schedule and Tracey’s busy schedule as CEO of ALRIGHT T.V, which produced the show as well. Tracey is very busy with other shows which can be seen on her Youtube Channel
To me Sly Stone from Sly & The Family Stone said it best, “IT'S A FAMILY AFFAIR.”

 Check our Deion's Family Playbook


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Deion is featured on our site Who's That Guy here is his link!deion-sanders/zoom/cgrd/image22op and Tracey Link is!tracey-edmonds/zoom/c1x9v/imagem2t

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