Saturday, July 26, 2014

Stephen A. Smith Clear The Air On what was said, so there no need for Negative Posting

So Stephen A Smith ESPN "FIRST TAKE" Analyst had to go on twitter to explain himself for what  was said in his debate about the Ray Rice situation and men hitting women. Listen closely on how Mr Smith has always said he was raised by a women, never put his hand on a women and all he said was not to provoke a situation as to where a man will put his hands on you.
We know that many so call men today have no problem hitting a women because they are not built from the same cloths as those who respect women or know how to walk away from a situation before it gets out of hand.
For those who were offended please read what Stephen A Smith said in his tweets to clear the air and after this lets leave this alone. He always been positive towards women and we all know that the negative reporting on many blog is what many want to get views

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