Thursday, February 12, 2015

Exclusive Interview with Ruby Rucker #lovethysister

By Belinda Trotter James

This is part 4 of my 4-part interview with the amazingly entertaining Rucker Sisters on WE TV’s Love Thy Sister.  This week it’s Ruby’s turn to open up a slice of her life for us to see.  Ruby is the oldest sister in the group however, within her eight siblings she is the fifth child born to Dr. Douglas Rucker and Ruby King Rucker.  Ruby is a lawyer, mother, wife and part owner of a hair care company with her sisters.  How does she do it all?  “Well, with my law firm I have a wonderful partner, Erica Nesmith” says Ruby.  “She is also a Spelman graduate and to be honest with you she helps to hold down the law firm a lot to make sure we are doing what needs to be done.  When I have to put time into the law firm, Ellen and Ione are my big support systems. If I have to go to court or do something, since we are in close proximity, they can handle the mommy part for me because my husband works all the time too. He's an orthodontist and has four practices.  So when I do have to put on my working mom hat, I have my sisters as a back up because they have a lot of flexibility.”

“When I get home late at night, I am exhausted, but I also know I have the please my man. I've been married for 16 years, but you have to keep the spice in the marriage.  There are some nights when I want to say, ‘no’, I have to say, ‘yes’ because my man is fine and if he's not getting what he needs at home that may cause a problem. That's what happens with moms that work, have kids, want to work in the community and all that stuff. You have to work on your marriage and I'm constantly working on my marriage.  This may sound a little antiquated, but I'm constantly trying to please my man and making sure he's happy at home. More of us need to do that especially if you have someone at home who is a good man and a good provider.  My man is all of those things."

Hmmm…. Ruby better stop telling viewers how good her husband is because if he wasn’t on their radar before, he definitely is on the man snatcher radar now.  If your man is a good provider, keep it to yourself. ;)  Plus there must be amazing perks to having a husband who is an orthodontist. When I asked Ruby if she's in the office all the time getting her teeth cleaned they all laughed. Uh-oh, I didn't mean for that comment to have a sexual undertone. America is very obsessed with having their teeth perfect and very white.  No one wants bone colored teeth anymore… they want the white stuff.  Anyway they told me to watch the show to see what happens.  However, Ruby adds, “I go there sometimes because my man is gorgeous.  He is six five with green eyes; he could be a movie star. So I do have to show my presence every now and then. That will be shown on the show and I know that some women will understand that sometimes that's where the affairs start… in the workplace. So yeah, I show my face there every now and then and that's all I'm going to say so definitely tune in.” 
I’m sure some women was not paying attention to Ruby’s husband, however, since she brought it to our attention, we will be paying close attention to her relationship with her gorgeous husband.  Ruby’s marriage to Ford Sawyer Cooper is blessed with three children, Ford Jr., Riley Elizabeth, who you will see a lot of on the show.  She  is an aspiring performer and the camera loves her.  Elle Carole is the younger child and for now is letting her big sister shine.
Ruby’s motivation to be a lawyer started when she was a young girl. "As a young child I was exposed to all of these phenomenal attorneys,” remembers Ruby.  “My aunt, Patricia E. King is one of the first black female attorneys in the state of North Carolina. Growing up all of us was exposed to these wonderful African American attorneys and civil rights attorneys who made a huge difference in the community.  We used to hear all the stories about them because our parents were part of the civil rights era.  My dad was in Atlanta when the sit-ins were happening. So as you can see I love to talk, I love to defend those who can't defend themselves and I like to have a voice with those who don't know how to have a voice; so it honestly happened organically. When I went to college I did major in biology because I come from a family with a lot of medical people. However, as I went through the biology curriculum at Spelman, I saw that I was trying to do all these other things you couldn't do because biology required so much focus if you wanted to be a doctor and I wanted to be with organizations that spoke out for people so the law career kind of made more sense than a medical career.  I just love being an advocate for those who need a voice especially for our African-American communities who can't afford big-time attorneys. I do a lot of pro bono work as well.”
Ruby is definitely the fire starter and the fire finisher which makes for a perfect lawyer.  "That's right,” Ruby adds.  “Whatever I say I can back it up. That's how I've always been. I might say something that everyone doesn't always agree with, but I will always have a reason for saying it and I can always back it up; whatever I say I can always back up. I don't put blank statements out there. I always have a reason for the way that I feel. And that's a part of having quick discernment before you say something. So I get in trouble a lot.”

Love Thy Sister is a show that the entire family can watch, except when Ruby and her husband are in search of private places to do grown folk activities, it’s fun to watch.  The scenes are never XXX-rated, just hilarious to watch.  I’m sure a few viewers have experienced trying to find quiet, romantic, private places to enjoy one another.  Watch every Thursday on WE TV and read parts 1-3 of my exclusive interviews with the Rucker Sisters at 

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