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Exclusive Interview With Actress Mari Marrow

A Woman of Valor

By Sabrina Williams

Is it possible that the fountain of youth exists? Yes, it does in Mari Morrows. This outstanding actress and business woman is eloquently spoken, compassionate and beautiful both internally and externally. Her beauty is timeless and she does not look a day over 30.  Mari appears to be shy at first glance; however, that is not the case. She has a comedic side and kept this journalist laughing throughout the interview. Mari is originally from Miami, Florida and in 1992, she graced the airwaves with her debut appearance on the popular television program, Baywatch as she had walk on appearances as the character, “Wendy Mallow”. Mari, with a glimmer in her eye, stated that David Hasselhoff was amazing to work with. “It was a life changing moment for me working with him. He gave me some great advice.”  This advice, Mari still uses today and attributes to her success. “Give everything a 100% and you will be a successful actress and he said I was a natural actress. Wow, at that moment it made my day and boosted my self-confidence to the sky.”

Amazingly, Mari continued to burn the path of success and from 1995 to 1996, she portrayed “Rachel Gannon” on the ABC soap opera, One Life to Live. Morrow also had a recurring appearance on the sitcom, Family Matters where she portrayed the girlfriend of Darius McCrary and then portrayed the ex-girlfriend “Oneisha”, from 1992 to 1997. Other television and film appearances include, Living Single, Soul Food, Conan, The Parkers, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and The Jamie Foxx Show.  She has had appearances in films such as: Uninvited Guest, Children of the Corn III, Book of Love, Restraining Order, Def Jam's How to Be a Player, Traci Townsend, National Security and Today You Die (2005)”. Ms. Morrow is so dynamic in her acting that she has even had appearances on the television show, Everybody Hates Chris.

What is your favorite film to have acted in? 
Oh yes, that would with Mekhi Phifer in the Acapulco Film Festival winner, An Uninvited Guest. I loved that movie because it took me in so many different levels, directions and stretched me as an actress. It was fun and draining, but such a great opportunity to work with great individuals. We got to go away to different locations to film and shoot the movie. 

What was it like to be on Baywatch as a woman of color?
I was not a regular; I made a few guest appearances. I had no problems with the other actors; everyone was very nice, kind and helpful. 

You can assimilate any role that has been given to you and you have a natural talent for acting.  How do you get into character? 
Getting into character can be challenging. It depends on the character I am portraying and I have to think what the character would be like and what would they want. 

What was it like working with Martin Lawrence? 
Yes, Martin is cool and fun to work with, funny and has so much energy.

Can you tell me about your program called, Project Angel Food, where you deliver food to homebound AIDS patients and why you decided to get involved in it? 
I wanted to give back to my community. They deliver food to AIDS patients who don’t not want to leave their home.  When my son was with me, I would take him to volunteer. I loved going to homes of the people to talk to them and encourage them and show them that I cared. 

You have shown us all that giving back is the key to happiness and helping others feel joy for a moment in time… 
As celebrities we need to give back, we are role models and we have down time and need to let others know it’s not all about the money for us. We uniquely care about their happiness and appreciate how they support our films, television shows and other ventures. I know without my great fans, I would not be as popular today. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate you. 

In regards to Everybody Hates Chris, did you find yourself sometimes wanting to say some of those comments to your own child?
Oh yes, I do. I think I am just like Tichina Arnold. I will. I will pop you with that skillet! (Repeating a scene from the show) I love comedy and was blessed to do lots of comedy in my acting career.

I see that you like Mahogany the movie with Diana Ross.  You have both her hair and looks. Can you tell me why you like a lot of her movies?  
Of course, I remember Billy Dee. 

You are multi-talented, can you sing? 
Yes, I can, but I do not see myself going on tour. I do not have that strong quality to do it every day, but yes, ma’am I could do every so often. 

Who inspired you the most whether it was a family member, movie star, or even a kid?
Oh, that would be my Aunt. She has inspired me to greatness when I was growing up and in college. She was a definite pillar in my life that I looked up to. Her personality and life was strong and encouraged me to never give up. My aunt was amazing and she was the true definition of a woman of greatness. She was married but she took care of the family business and had tenacity. She wanted me to be like her.  She taught me how to cook, bookkeeping and life skills. My aunt is very sweet.  

You identify yourself as being “black”… 
(Laughter) Even though I am mixed I am Black and can relate to the struggles that Martin Luther King and other civil rights leaders had to go through to pave the path of freedom for me and future generations. We all should be so grateful and remember that not only during Black History month in February, but throughout the year that many individuals from all walks of life, cultures and ethnic backgrounds have sacrificed to give us a better life today. 

Would you say the industry has changed when it comes to women of color and what do you see that you can do for the industry?
I think there has been a lot of change since the reality shows have took on a mighty presence in the industry. It is better for producers and it’s cheaper to produce movies, but there are still challenges.   I miss the scripted programs. However, things are turning around for the African American community and turning around with great SW’s like Scandal, Empire and I am like “OMG” it is coming back. It took 15 years, but the industry for African Americans is becoming a driving force for making great films, movies and has great actors, actresses, movie directors and script writers. 

After researching you on the Internet, I found that it says you sell real estate. 
Yes, absolutely, I am an investor, I love to fix things and remodel. I have additions to my home. 

What's next for Mari?
Wow, I have to shoot a show about me showing Kim Whitley a house to buy. She is the main character in Raising Whitley that occurred on February 4, 2015. 

Mari, you are a superwoman, you have so many things going on… 
Oh yes, my dear you have got to in this business, you cannot rely on one thing; unless you are that hot and famous. However, I keep myself humble and work hard on being multi-talented to be a versatile actress. It is important to do this so that when you get older everyone in the industry can see you as a viable, beneficial part of being in their movies, television shows or documentaries.

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