Tuesday, November 11, 2014

R.I.P Sugarhill Gang Rapper Big Bank Hank Dies at 57

Sad to say we lost a Hip Hop Icon Big Bad Hank from the Original Sugarhill Gang. Sad to say over the years that Hank has been performing with 2 other members who are not the Original Sugarhill Gang members where as Wonder Mike & Master Gee  had to perform under the name "Rappers Delight"
Sad to say that this should not have ever happened in Hip Hop if all of the group members are alive. Having people think that you are seeing the real group.


Love you always Hank and to the Official group Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Hen Dogg who replaced Hank. Don't Stop!!!

THE ORIGINAL SUGARHILL GANG LAST OFFIFICAL PERFORMANCE (1990) Vansilk's Historical Pay Per View Event " RAPMANIA" 15th Anniversary Of Hip Hop

Watch this Video of what these guys have been going through.
TO BOOK THE OFFICIAL RAPPER DELIGHT https://twitter.com/therealhendogg


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