Friday, November 28, 2014

Lil Wayne Joins Afrika Bambaataa Zulu Nation & What it Means to Hip Hop Culture

Lately, I have seen a lot of talk on Social Media about the rapper Lil’ Wayne joining our beloved Universal Zulu Nation. As you know, the Zulu Nation is 41 years old as of November 2014 and HipHop Culture is 40 years old. Our Culture is evolving and our organization is always welcoming to those willing to get on the grind with us in continuing our work to push forth this Culture using the four spiritual principles of Peace, Unity, Love and Having Fun.
For those who have made negative comments about our Nation and who are sitting on the sidelines thinking we will change the way we represent HipHop because of one new member, you are sadly mistaken. Bear in mind that ‘Rap is something you do, HipHop is how you live.’ Lil’ Wayne understands that this is something bigger than him. He may not compromise some of his lyrics on some of his songs. But he will promote the Culture that we represent with our pillars as the foundation.
If you have studied your history, you would know how our brother Malcolm X was a street hustler who rose up and changed his life and the life of others around him. He was not thrown to the dogs. He was redeemed, and given a new lease on life when he joined the Nation Of Islam. Many of our people need to be pointed in the right direction, and ALL of our HipHoppers worldwide need to be educated daily about the importance of our Culture.
Lil’ Wayne, like all of us; is redeemable. His joining the Zulu Nation will have a great impact on HipHoppers worldwide. He is a vehicle of expression for HipHop through Rap and as a man; he knows that the future of HipHop Culture lies with him and the many rappers, singers, b-boys and b-girls, deejays and breakdancers of our Culture. This is bigger than us. The Zulu Nation will not change because Lil' Wayne is with us. Instead, we will change Lil' Wayne, and any of those who connect with us. There are pillars and policies, plus codes of conduct that make a Zulu…a Zulu.
Let us welcome the change we seek and remain positive about the changes in Zulu with respects to Lil’ Wayne coming into our family. Those who know us know what we are about. No rapper alive will change that. With that being said, we welcome our brother Lil’ Wayne to the Universal Zulu Nation. There will be more changes and more family members announced as we continue to grow. We appreciate your continued support of this wonderful Nation of ours and know that we do everything for the greater good of the Culture we created and represent.
Quadeer “M.C. Spice” Shakur
Minister Of Information


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