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Exclusive Interview with Tyler Abron from MTV ARE YOU THE ONE?

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Tyler Abron is not your typical twenty one year old college student majoring in communications at Boston College.  Life has taken her on a journey that has whisked her away to beautiful Puerto Rico where she is participating in a social dating experiment courtesy of MTV's reality show called, "Are You The One?"

Tyler was very familiar with the show because she watched the entire first season.  Since she was single, she thought it would be a good idea to submit a video and biography to see if she could get on the show. As it turns out, the producers called her for a Skype interview and then they flew her out to LA for three days where she did a ton of interviews and even psychological testing.  It's good to know that MTV is all about making a quality show about dating without the contestants having to worry about each other’s mental state. I think anyone would get a little unstable being in a house with 20 other people for over a month.  However, Tyler said it was really amazing being with the other singles in Puerto Rico.

Before “Are You The One?” Tyler was attending college full-time, with her main focus being getting a gig in the entertainment industry. On her way to the top, she has been hosting shows for different media outlets including BNN, a Boston Cable Network company, interviewing artists, appearing in some music videos and taking acting classes.
“Are You The One?” has definitely put a unique twist in the dating game.  It’s the most ambitious dating experiment ever attempted. The show uses scientific technology to match the perfect two people together.  There are 10 matches and the contestants have to figure it out for themselves. If you look at Tyler, she is a very pretty young lady, with a good head on her shoulders (her GPA is almost a perfect 4.0) who by no means should have a problem getting a date or finding someone to fall in love with. So what's the deal? She laughs a little and explains the premise of the show...

"If your perfect match was standing right in front of you, would you know it?,” asks Tyler.  "I have no problem finding dates, but in terms of being on the show the reason why I wanted to participate was because it was something to check off my bucket list.  It's a great experience and you could win money, which would come in handy to pay for my college education. I am a relationship person and I've been in a relationship for pretty long time.  When I got out of my last relationship, I decided to apply for the show. So the timing kind of worked out. I just thought it would be cool to see how science could tell me who I’m compatible with or who might be my perfect match."
Life has many twists and turns and to be cooped up on the island of Puerto Rico with 20 strangers has got to be the ultimate experience.   "It was different," explained Tyler.  "To be able to say that I was on a reality show to find a perfect match is so unique to me because not everyone can say that. They can't say that they had the experience that I've had and the reason why I am still friends with a lot of people from the show, whether we got along great or not, is because we all share a bond of being on “Are You The One?”  No one will be able to know what we have gone through in the house besides us.  No matter who watches, no one will ever understand the experience we have had except us.  My favorite part about being on the show was living a lifestyle that was not my norm. We partied every night. We did fun things, we went on different dates and we're here in beautiful Puerto Rico.  How could you not love Puerto Rico? It was such a great experience overall."

With the explosion of reality television we have seen many shows where a group of people are cooped up in the same house for several weeks and the viewers watch to see how they interact with each other. I asked Tyler what makes this show unique and why should we watch? She replies, "I think you should watch the show because it's different, it's unique and there is nothing else like it on television anywhere.  It's kind of like the Real World, but with a twist.  It is not like your regular dating show. In the first season there was 10 guys and 10 girls. In this season (season two) there are 10 guys and 11 girls trying to find their perfect match. Somebody is going to walk away with nobody. So there's a lot of drama, relationships and friendships forming, a lot of hearts have been broken, a lot of hearts have been wounded. It just adds to the drama. The audience gets to see us struggle through the process.  I definitely think it's entertaining."
For a minute I thought it was almost like speed dating, but Tyler explains, "I want to say, 'yes', but I want to say 'no' at the same time. I want to say 'yes' because you meet everyone quickly and a lot of people fell for certain people really quick without necessarily getting to know them.  However, I want to say, 'no' simply because we live together in a house for over a month so that's certainly not like speed dating. For example, if two people really like each other and decide that they want to be with each other and they are not a perfect match, then they have to break up and try to get with someone else in the same house. So it's kind of weird to explain because you're breaking up with your boyfriend and now you have to go on dates with your boyfriend's friends in front of his face and we are all living together. It's just a crazy experience."

Before the contestants got in the house technology already selected who the perfect matches would be. However, now the contestants have to find that out for themselves. The contestants will share a $1 million prize only if they get all 10 matches correct.  It's an all or nothing deal.  Wow, that’s brilliant.  I was looking for someone to be eliminated each week, but that's not the case with this show. “Are You The One?” is like the human version of a memory game where you have to find all the matches in order to win the game.
Tyler adds, "Everyone in the house has to spend time with each other to see how they connect and ultimately see if they are a perfect match according to the shows predictions.  You have to play the game with your heart and your head while using logic to see who would be perfect for you.  There are a lot of twist and turns in this game, which include the truth booth and the honeymoon suite.
This show only has 10 episodes so the contestants only have 10 weeks to find their perfect match.  Fans are really getting into it.  They are making their own charts and predictions on who are perfect matches.  Tyler even has a YouTube channel where she answers the fans questions regarding the choices she makes on the show.  Usually doing something once is enough.  Would Tyler do it again?  Did she find her perfect match? Did the group win the $1million dollar jackpot? Tyler wouldn't say; we have to watch the show and find out what happens.

After the show is over, Tyler says she is not trying to be that typical reality personality.  "I'm trying to be taken seriously in the entertainment industry and not stay on the path of doing a lot of reality shows," says Tyler.  "I'm trying to hone my craft by taking acting classes. When people ask me what do I want to do, it's hard for me to explain because I literally want to do everything. I want to have multiple streams of income. I want to host, produce and have my own TV show, TV commercials and films. I want to have my hands into every area of the entertainment field." Well at least it's all under the same umbrella. Tyler Abron is definitely at the right place, at the right time, with the right people.  Tyler is definitely on her way to building her own brand. Watch her on MTV’s “Are You The One?” and follow her on Twitter

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