Sunday, November 2, 2014


MATTHEW. Needs No Labels
By B. James
Americas Next Top Model is turning into an intense crazy boot survival camp.  The contestants who have been modeling for a while will get a rude awakening if the think this experience is going to be a piece of cake.  "I think the whole experience just really took a toll on me," says Matthew.  "I think they had high expectations for me and I wasn't able to stay there. I think it was just a battle with myself.  They could tell I was tapering off a little bit.  I wouldn't say that I was the worst of the bunch for that week, but I figure I had reached my low and I think they could see that."

Matthew continues to say, "The judging is pretty tricky because of the judging scores and we don't really know the social media scores. Therefore, you don't have to be the worst in the bunch, but if you have media scores that are low, it could be one of the reasons why you are or could be eliminated. I don't really know what my social media score was, but it worked out the way it did and I don't question it.  I think that everyone who got into the house is a winner and that's how I view it."  Matthew is absolutely correct because out of thousands of contestants he made it in the house as the top 14.  Now ANTM will spend the next few weeks putting them in rank order. 

Before Top Model Matthew has been working as a model since 2011.  "That's my form of income and I have been blessed and fortunate to have a successful career up to this point and definitely Top Model just added to that,"  So how does a successful model get caught up in doing a reality show for models?  "There is a show called "Face-Off" on the sci-fi network and I've been modeling for them for the last three or four seasons," begins Matthew.  "One of the producers on that show came up to me and said that they are casting for Top Model and I should really think about applying. I was a little bit hesitant just because it is such a huge undertaking to think that I could get in the top 14 out of... I think, 40-50,000 submissions I heard.  When it's that big of a thing, it's kind of daunting.  It was kind of a scary feeling, but she kept asking me to do it and next thing you know I'm in a house with 13 other crazy people, " he laughs.

I'm sure you would think just like the producer on "Face Off" that since Matthew has been working as a model since 2011 he would have the upper hand.   However, as Matthew stated earlier he seemed to struggle on some of the photo shoots.  Viewers  are seeing there favorite contestants go in confident and come out a little defeated.  So of course we asked, "What the heck happened?!?  "Because it is a TV show they definitely make  the shoots very theatrical," reveals Matthew.  "I've been modeling for several years and I can promise you I've never done a runway show in stilts.   I've never modeled on a block of ice before either so, all of those things were very new to me...   Also you were not able to look at the frames which is a great aspect of it and that makes it more difficult.  I have been modeling for a while, but it wouldn't be America's Next Top Model if it was easy."
 Fans of the show also know that judge Kelly Cutrone is a tough cookie and now she has come out with her own fashion line.  In the  next challenge the contestants had to style a photo shoot featuring Kelly's clothing line and since Matthew had set up photo shoots before, he knew this challenge was right up his alley and would be a slam dunk. However, Kelly does what she does best and that's destroy dreams. At least that's what she said at the beginning of this cycle.  Actually Matthew and his team did a good job because for a moment Kelly couldn't decide whether Matthews team should have won or the other team. In the end she chose the other team. Matthew explains, "We had 30 minutes to pull off five or six photos and you had to have different looks.  You had to come up with the concept, of a good hair and make up and then you had to set up the shootyou had to get a backdrop you had to know what color backdrop to use and they were just a lot of moving parts that you had to do in 30 minutesand get the photos.  So it was not an easy thing but I was really happy with how the photo turned out. 

Now that you know top model is a challenging in many ways and will do photo shoes that are out of the ordinary what can you do to conquer these types of photo shoots. Matthew replies, "it just puts a spark in your ass. I was losing focus. It brought me to the point where I realize I have to work for this if I really wanted it."

Well if you think Matthew is bummed out about being eliminated from top model thing again. Matthew he's got a lot on his plate and he revealed exactly what he is about to do with his life. "I'm coming out with a "NO LABELS"clothing line that I am very excited about. We will be starting production soon. I also have a children's book coming out as well entitled, "Windy." I just finished writing a full-length feature which got reviewed the better by the CAA Which I am so excited about and then my modeling and acting which will still be my main focus.  I will also be going to Canada for the Canadian fashion week."  so he is definitely staying busy.

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