Saturday, November 29, 2014

Update! Tamir Rice Death Declared Homicide In Newly Released Autopsy

Tamir Rice Death Declared Homicide In Newly Released Autopsy 12/13/2014

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by Rachel Dissell

After Tamir Rice's death organizers step up efforts for a citywide Toy Gun Buyback

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The idea had been percolating for about a year. But the death of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, killed by a rookie Cleveland police officer who apparently mistook a replica gun for a real one, solidified the resolve to make a citywide Toy Gun Buyback a reality.
Community activist Yvonne Pointer, along with Damien Forshe, co-founder of Rid-All Green Partnership, an urban farm and education center in the Kinsman neighborhood, had been working to gather support and sponsors for the event.
Pointer would like to see the large-scale effort get youth to exchange toy guns for more constructive toys, books or event tickets.
16pointerA.jpgView full sizeCommunity activist Yvonne Pointer 
"It could save lives," said Pointer, who is often deployed from her job in the city's community relations department to comfort and aid families in the aftermath of violent tragedies.
It also would provide an opportunity to have a conversation with youth who participate about the dangers of firearms – both real and fake, she said.
"I think its something we as a community should do," Pointer said. "It's a way to prevent violence and prevent children from even going in that direction."


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