Wednesday, June 11, 2014

“Sara Stokes of MTV’s Hit Reality Show, Making the Band Returns and In a BIG Way”

CHICAGO, IL - (June 12th 2014) After over a decade in the music industry and countless obstacles that would

stop some, Sara Stokes has no plans to slow down. First gaining public recognition on MTV’s ubberly successful reality show, Making the Band in 2002, Sara has been a household name since. Sara joined the group, Da Band after a rigorous audition process that stemmed at the feet of music industry business tycoon and rapper, P. Diddy “Combs.” The pressure to produce your best work and showcase your talent at its absolute BEST is hard to do when you got someone like P. Diddy assessing your every move, “says Sara. After 70,000 hopefuls tried out, P. Diddy selected six complete strangers with an immense amount of talent to make up what would be known as the group, Da Band. Sara Stokes from Detroit, MI was one of those six hopefuls and why wouldn’t she be? With pips that are often compared to industry greats such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, her spot in the group was pretty much solidified.

After the success of their first album, Too Hot for TV that went one to sell over a million copies in 2003, Sara was convinced her dreams had come true. Due to poor commitments on group member’s behalf, the contract to record a follow up album was dissolved with Bad Boy Records. As the media often does, the focus shifted from her career to her personal tribulations. To escape the mayhem of the media’s limelight, Sara channeled her energy into completing her aesthetician license. She focused on her dream to one day own her very own skin care and make – up line.  

Those tribulations are now a thing of the past as Sara continues to work harder than ever to shift everyone’s attention back to her pips. Sara has created a new team which consists of new management and Daniels Entertainment Group as her PR firm.  Sara is the happiest she has ever been and it will be exemplified by her recent body transformation. Dropping over 30 pounds and running multiple marathons as the spokesperson for Diva Marathons is just the beginning for this comeback. She is inspiring woman of all races to acquire physical fitness and live their best life possible. “Woman feel good when they look good and that’s when they conquer the world,” says Sara.

No need to worry, Sara has no plans to abandoned music. Fresh out of the recording studio with producers from Def Jam and with a single to drop by the end of summer, Sara’s voice is still very much in high demand. A number of spring break appearances/performances, requests to sing the national anthem and starting the process to record her first solo album has kept Sara’s vocal cords lukewarm. Not to mention she is adding another movie to her already impressive resume. Sara will begin filming her fourth motion picture film called Façade in May. It appears that Sara has once again commanded our attention and with no signs of slowing down. 

For more information on Sara and any upcoming performances, please contact her manager, Lee Martin at 708-513-9413 or via email at 
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