Saturday, June 14, 2014

Chuck D, the N-word and the Problem With Trolling

A Twitter debate about a radio station makes a point about the power of language

Fighting the power is nothing new for Chuck D, the rapper best known as a part of Public Enemy. Recently, however, he’s been waging a new kind of war, largely online.
It started at Hot 97′s Summer Jam, the annual concert thrown by the New York hip-hop radio behemoth. The Summer Jam has been the site of controversy in the past — in 2012, it was the site of Nicki Minaj’s cancelling a show when a D.J. accused her of a lack of realness — and this year’s, which took place on June 1, was no exception. Following the concert, which Chuck D did not attend, the rapper tweeted that the event constituted “cultural crime”:

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