Friday, June 13, 2014


Belinda Trotter-James creator/former editor-in-chief for Hype Hair, Try It Yourself Hair and 2 Hype magazines along with other national entertainment fanzines, actress, model and author of  three books Facial Accents; The Awakening of a New You, Unlock 108 Key Rules Of Successful Modeling; The Holistic Approach and Power Of The Plus, The Full Figured Blueprint to Pageants, Fashion Shows and Modeling Careers.
With her busy schedule she gave back to her community when her children became of school age and was elected president of the Community Education Council in district 7 for four terms.
She has been the Beauty editor for a couple of New York based newspapers, correspondent for Good Day Live in New York City and producer of several modeling competitions.
Currently Ms. James is the Editor-in-Chief for Modelocity Online which is a digital magazine and web site for those pursuing modeling careers.


WHO’S THAT LADY ENTERTAINMENT is an interactive web site featuring some of the most powerful, influential women of the decade who have made their mark in the entertainment, business and political arenas.  Read all about your favorite boss ladies and follow them daily on their own social media sites. You will be amazed at how these women multi-task juggling their family life, social events, charity fundraisers and career goals all year long.  While browsing through the many faces, you will be surprised at how many faces you have forgotten about.  Seeing them again will be like meeting a long lost friend.  The search button will make it easy for you to navigate through the many faces, see their names and read all about them.

There was not a big master plan on why we created this site; it was just an idea. We just felt the need to document the achievements of women that don’t normally get a chance to shine on a regular basis. This site not only documents the achievements and day-to-day roles of women in the entertainment , business and political arenas,  it also inspires one to achieve their own goals while pulling strength from those who have paved the way for future generations to enter.
We also found phenomenal woman in other areas such as those who love the spoken word.  We have the best wordsmiths and motivational speakers in the country featured on the site. There was no way we could have created a site like this without adding the Catwalk Queens of the fashion runways. They make the clothes we want to wear look fabulous!

You can look up concert dates, tours and events plus purchase your tickets here.  If you love watching original Web Series programming on You Tube produced and written by some of our favorite actresses and entertainers, it’s here.  Did you know our phenomenal women are also authors?  You can find their books in our celebrity store along with other incredible items.

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