Saturday, June 14, 2014

Christopher Nolen's 72 Hours Movie Meet The Cast

The film is about a playboy who has damaged a lot of hearts during his lifetime, and now he has 72 hours to reverse the damage and “right a lifetime of heartbreak.”   According to Ms. Black, the film’s storyline is very similar to the Isoplus storyline. “A lot of women use Isoplus to reverse a lifetime of damage to their hair,” she explains.   

Besides supplying the cast and crew “goodie bags” full of samples of Isoplus products, Isoplus will also enjoy a more prominent role in the film.   “Isoplus Oil Sheen will be on the scene giving body, glow and shine to the hair of some of the cast members,” Black explains.  As with any romantic comedy, some scenes may get a little steamy, but that’s no problem, according to Ms. Black. “Isoplus 24-hour Holding Spray will keep that hair fresh and vibrant and under control.”

Viewers are urged to keep an eye out for Isoplus appearances, as cast members Cynda Williams, Erica Hubbard, Terri J. Vaughn, Brely Evans, Tangi Miller, Chyna Layne, Thea Camara, Timon Durrett, Harry J. Lennix, and Brian Hooks flaunt their hair’s healthy looks and beautiful glow.  “If they think that’s something,” says Ms. Black, “just wait until they see how it performs on their own hair.” 

“72 Hours,” which also stars Timon Durrett, Harry J. Lennix and Brian Hooks will be produced in Chicago, this June, possibly on a street near you.  
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