Friday, June 6, 2014


Marvet Britto

Charismatic, Resilient, Dynamic Maverick ––are just a few of the attributes that embody the drive, vision and passion of Public Relations Architect and Brand Strategist Marvet Britto. As Founder and President of The Britto Agency (TBA), an internationally recognized public relations and brand architecture firm, Ms. Britto has become an unparalleled force in a milieu of sectors, catapulting her burgeoning business into a global publicity, marketing, brand strategy, and event-design powerhouse. Britto has become known for engineering blueprints that position clients for category leadership and help create uncontested market space.
 Ms. Britto is renowned for her infectious energy, persuasive charm, raw talent and innate zeal characteristics, which deeply permeate throughout the various endeavors she undertakes. With no formal training in the field, the Connecticut native has utilized the better part of the past two decades to grow her firm from a mere vision to one of the most sought after and undoubtedly recognizable PR and Branding firms in the world. The Britto Agency represents a collective of some of the most venerated brands spanning across a hybrid of disciplines. Today, Marvet Britto, herself, is a global brand revered for her atypical ability to blend insight, passion and intellect into memorable campaigns that enhance the visibility and brand equity of her clients.

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