Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Exclusive Interview with ANTMl cycle 21 Chantelle Young

Eliminated Contestant from ANTM

by Belinda Trotter James

Chantelle is the second contested to be eliminated from America's Next Top Model.
The 16 year old Canadian beauty looked  like she was in a state of shock when she was told she was eliminated from the competition. "I was shocked, mad and I was pissed that I'm the second person to go", said Chantelle.  "I didn't want to cry, but the producers kept asking me all types of questions to get a reaction from me."  Chantelle did not show any emotion until they asked about her fans.  "That's when I started crying because I felt the fans would be disappointed. I got a lot of positive comments from my fans on Twitter", says Chantelle.

The best part about this cycle is if you get  eliminated, you get a second chance to come back which may take the stress off of producing a great photo on the spot. "It's still stressful", states Chantelle.  "It's stressful because there's only one spot. Surely you have a little more freedom to move around, but as the group grows with more eliminated contestants,  it will be stressful again."   Chantelle could not quite put a finger on why she was eliminated. "I did not have the worst photo. I'm sure the best photo shown was not the best.  There is so much more to the show than we see on TV. There is so much politics and who will be on the show for the right reason or for television ratings", explains Chantelle.

Before being selected for the show Chantelle was working at a call center, going to school and modeling. Being selected for the show turned out to be a full-time job with trying to renew her passport and getting all of the paperwork in order.

For those who have physical challenges Chantelle shows the world that nothing can stop you if you really want to do something. Her skin condition called vitiligo is a pigmentation disorder that destroys the cells that make pigment in the skin according to the National Institute of Health. Her skin condition didn't develop until the age of four.  "As I got older, I started to develop more spots and I would burn very easily in the sun", explains Chantelle.
She was bullied in school because of her skin condition, however she says if you had anything wrong with you, you got bullied. "If you had acne,  you got bullied.  If you had short hair, you got bullied", says Chantelle.  So with that being said Chantelle decided to drop out of school to get a break from the negativity.  She realized that she allowed people to be the deciding factor on how she lived her life. It's not a decision that everyone should take, however it was the right move for her. "I was able to focus on me and not how other people saw me. I don't want to encourage people to drop out of school. You have to do what is best for you", explains Chantelle.

Well at least she got her free makeover before being eliminated. "I loved it!", exclaims Chantelle. I'm glad she loves it because before the makeovers were decided she was worried they would shave her head. If you are a fan of the show, you know that Tyra always knows what's best for the branding of models to get more work  once they leave the show. Chantelle did not agree. "This show is about ratings and I'm not going to shave my head for ratings. I would have left the show if that were to happen. Give me my bus ticket", she laughs.  "You have to pursue your career after the show. You have to live with whatever they do to your hair. I know some girls who had their hair dyed blonde and their edges broke off and another girl developed a rash.  Now they have to live with that."  Sheesh I heard this from other contestants in past cycles. I can't believe that Tyra would hire incompetent hairstylist. On the other hand it could be that the girls did not know how to care for their hair after they left the show.

Since Chantelle has modeled before she's going to do her best to make it back in the competition for herself and her fans. Well now it's up to social media to bring her back. Let's hope she does very well with all the photo shoots. You can keep in touch with her and discuss what you see on the show by Instagram and Twitter http://www.winnieharlow.

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