Thursday, September 4, 2014

Exclusive Interview with America's Next Top Model cycle 21 Ivy Timlin

America's Next Top Model cycle 21
First eliminee is Ivy Timlin

Confidence Is Your Friend

By Belinda Trotter-James

May the catwalk games begin! Ivy Timlin is the first girl to be eliminated from America's Next Top Model cycle 21 girls and guys competition. What a bummer to be the first one eliminated.  As soon as you get your feet wet and get a little comfortable, you're off the show. Ivy didn't look like she was in her element at all, but she explained she lost her confidence a little. "I had been modeling in New York and doing other things before top model", says Ivy. "I didn't really think about joining the competition but once I got in, I had to re-think if I really wanted to do this modeling thing. Modeling on my own in New York was tough."

In the modeling business you don't have to be loud, however if you're timid and shy, you will starve in this business. Ivy found that out when she entered the model's house.  "Everyone was extremely loud", remembers Ivy.  "Lenox and I were similar so we stayed together  in the house and occasionally we would join the group.

If you watch the show each cycle, you know to prepare yourself for more crazy challenges. This time all the contestants had to walk in a silly string a fashion show. They were covered in nothing but silly string; no clothes just string. "I loved it!"exclaimed Ivy.  "I was extremely happy I did not have to wear heels. It was so amazing to walk naked down the runway with people cheering.

  This year's photographer, Yu Tsai is the creative consultant for the show. From what we can see of his personality on the show he is a no nonsense photographer. Either you want to be a model or you want to go home. Any aspiring model having to face him for the first time would probably go home to rethink their modeling career. However, Ivy tells us a different story. "At first I thought he was going to make me cry on set because I know he is very vocal", remembers Ivy.  "I really enjoyed working with him. He gives you so much advice."
The first crazy photo challenge was to have a bucket of water poured over the contestant's head while looking modelesque.  Tyra did it first and nailed it. Of course she did; she's Tyra Banks. However some of the contestants looked as though they were drowning in the ocean. Ivy remembers, "I couldn't think. I was crying and trying to catch my breath. I knew the photos were going to look awful just because I couldn't catch my breath.

Well, judge Kelly Cutrone also thought Ivy's photos were awful. Her best shot was a side profile. Ms. Cutrone didn't like that she was not looking at the camera. When judges make comments like that, it makes me want to scream because Ivy had to have had a straight-on camera shot. (They do take more than one photo of the girls.).   Maybe her profile shot was the only good shot. Whatever it was Ivy and I agreed it was a smart move not to comment on what Kelly said about her photo. In Kelly's world that would have been an immediate elimination.

What's so fantastic about this cycle is that the eliminated contestants get a chance to come back into the competition. Let's see if Ivy can visit the wizard to get some confidence so that she can be the come-back cat walk queen.

You can keep in touch with Ivy on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Some of her fans already have an exclusive Twitter fan page   Who will be the next eliminated contestant? Find out next week!

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