Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wow! Attacking Floyd Mayweather Reading Is Major News?

Floyd Mayweather

It is sad to see the blog sites and internet blowing up on a radio drop that Floyd Mayweather which implied the man can't read. Well there are many artists who are good at radio drops and some who suck because the microphone can make one nervous, some forget the lines or in some cases the mind goes blank. For real, is this really news or information for the dumb down listeners,haters and readers who have nothing to gain by reading negative information. If you wake up in the morning listening to negative music and reading negative info on the internet, then you only cater to those who are hopeless, have low self esteem and feel there is no way out and they base their lives on being negative.

Ok, let's say if Mr Mayweather can't read, we all know he can count the millions he has made in the ring after fighting other boxers and getting hit up side his head. Some may not even understand what that even feels like if you are not a professional boxer. Swelling on the brain which affects your thinking ability with some boxers. Ot how about the black athlete  who go to college and end up playing in the NBA or NFL and can't read. That was a subject not to long ago on ESPN. Where are we dong about that. Ebonics has cause this to be a major problem as well.

Floyd never lost a fight however he has been hit by the hand of a professional boxer.  If a professional boxer hit a regular person who is not a boxer, their hands would be considered a lethal weapon. Some may say Floyd has never been hit, well yes he has been hit to the head  the last 20 years. Win or Lose. Everyone's who is making fun of him or thinking he can't read has never been in a real fight or boxing ring.

Look at how many boxers that have fought wars who now can barley talk let alone read because of the blows to the head from the sport of boxing. The same guy you are putting down is the same guy you will be watching at his next fight cheering or betting against him.

Have you ever noticed how many boxer's speaking patterns have change over the years? Boxing has affected their reading and thinking.  Look at Muhammad Ali who was once a quick-witted talker.  Now he is suffering from Parkinson disease where his speech pattern was changing especially after fighting Joe Frazier.  Now he can barley talk let alone read and you want to make fun of this matter?

Who knows if Floyd can read or not.  Only those in his inner circle know what is really going on with him personally. I say making fun of one is nasty, negative, and a corplantation move. You work for the plantation and the plantation pays you a check to put one down. GOOD JOB! HOUSE NEGRO IN 2014!

We don't know what or if anything is wrong with Floyd Mayweather, but if this is major news to make fun of him because he couldn't read a radio drop, it's a sad day in America.  Right now we have issues with the police killing our brothers for no reason. Tell me where you stand as a Man, Not a Black Man, Just a Man.
This make me think of how far one will reach to make one look silly or show no remorse of what they have done.
Is this the Amos & Andy featuring Kingfish Era?

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