Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson ,MO- Black Police Cpt Johnson Hugs Protestors, White Police Chief Wanted to Kill Protestors

 We like to thank Captain Johnson for being a Human Being, A Sensible Man, For Understanding the position of what your job means, For knowing that this is how you treat situations no matter the skin color. Thank You for making the animals GO AWAY who stood out in those military police gear ready to go to war with citizens who only are protesting the murder and crime done by their own and trying to police the matter in a unfair way. Thank You Captain Johnson.

Killin Season 2014. We all know how things are with the killing of Black Men in this country. Now you mean to tell me that that police Chief Thomas (Burning Mississippi) Jackson who is white didn't think for 1 second on bringing out that heavy military equipment for the protestors in Ferguson.
So in other words the power and presence of the St Louis police and their regular squad cars weren't enough. You had to go Rambo to show your power. After one of your police animals murdered another unarmed black man and now he has swelling on his face from a alleged  punch from Mike Brown. Well we all like to know which one of your crooked officer punch him to make it look like Mike Brown did it?

This is so sad and again the devisl are in control of the wrong communities with no clear understanding of human pain. It's about time someone stepped in and took control of our romper room activities. We all know that those wanna bee racist police officers who got beat up in school was ready to shoot to kill on America Soil in a State. You act like this was 9-11 with these people who are American Citizens, oh excuse me Black People.
Below is the so call Chief of Police Thomas (Burning Mississppi) Jackson who got his ass dismissed for handling this like he had his KKK card in his wallet,  or a flashback thinking this was the 60's. It's 2014 IDIOT!

Photos Show Stark Contrast In Ferguson Following Security Overhaul

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