Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Icon Regina Belle New Music and Tour Dates!

 Regina Belle is a virtuous woman and she has lived her life and career with an integrity that has always been apparent in her music. After the chart-topping success of the traditional, foot-stomping record “God is Good” from her gospel debut, Love Forever Shines, Belle is prepared to take her integrity to another level with her newest gospel opus HIGHER (Pendulum Records/Walker Davis Entertainment).
“What happened with ‘God Is Good’ on the first project was just surreal. I knew that I wasn’t going to have to start to the bottom because I do have a name and a very blessed career, but I had no idea that the church would be as receptive to my music as they were. I guess they felt safe because my (R&B) music has always maintained the decency factor and there was always integrity in everything I sang about in my songs.” The intention of her debut into gospel music was important, since Belle was raised in church singing gospel from the age of 8. “ I was purposeful in making sure that the music fans and people who were seeking God, that might not have been churchgoers, were able to see that God was using the same person—Regina Belle.”

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