Sunday, July 19, 2015

What was fake on the Internet this week: alligator sex, fake-butt explosions, and Obama’s invasion of Navy kitchens

There is so much fake stuff on the Internet in any given week that we’ve grown tired of debunking it all. Fake Twitter fights. Fake pumpkin-spice products. Amazing viral video? Nope — a Jimmy Kimmel stunt!
So, rather than take down each and every undeservedly viral story that crosses our monitors each week, we’re rounding them all up in a quick, once-a-week Friday debunk of fake photos, misleading headlines and bad studies that you probably shouldn’t share over the weekend. Ready? Here’s what was fake on the Internet this week:
1. A Vermont pastor wasn’t sentenced to a year in prison for refusing to officiate a gay wedding. Several high-profile conservative commentators — including Fox News’s Shannon Bream — apparently fell for this latest hoax from serial mega-troll Paul Horner, who should literally never be believed. (Pro tip: Horner always includes his own name in all of his stories. So if you read a crazy news item mentioning him, withhold your outraged tweets.)


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