Tuesday, April 28, 2015

TIME.COM We Fact-Checked All of Jay Z’s #TidalFacts

He's not a businessman; he's a prognosticator of the future of streaming music consumption, man

Things have been rocky for Jay Z’s Tidal service ever since the service relaunched with an Avengers-like call-to-arms of music superstars last month. Since then, the streaming platform has fallen out of the top 750 apps on Apple’s App Store, replaced its CEO and taken several dings in the press. So it’s no surprise Jay Z is eager to defend his new service against detractors.
The mogul-rapper tweeted a bevy of “#TidalFacts” Sunday, arguing his music service is actually doing just fine (on the rare occasions Jay tweets, he loves to talk about #facts).

TO READ THE #FACTS CLICK HERE http://time.com/3836937/jay-z-tidal-tidalfacts/

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