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Exclusive Interview with Traci Braxton! New Music

Never A Last Call
By Lenell King

For the last three seasons we have watched Traci Braxton and her sisters on  “WE TV’s” “Braxton Family Values” grow into the powerful, funny and charismatic woman that you see today. Traci Renee Braxton who is the third oldest child of  Michael and Evelyn Braxton has gone from being in the shadows of her sisters and singing background to shining like the star she was destined to be.  Traci opens up about her new album, "Crash and Burn"," Braxton Family Values",her husband and the one that started it all her Grammy Award winning sister Toni Braxton.

LENELL:  Congrats on the new album, “Crash and Burn”.  Who did you have a chance to work with?
TRACI: I worked with several people.  I did a duet with Grammy nominee, Raheem Devaughn and Tank also worked on the album.

LENELL: Look at you, working with the heavyweights of the industry! 
TRACI: Yes, I was like, ‘Yayyyyyyyyyyyy’!  My brother, Michael also got the opportunity to produce a song for me.  It actually belonged to Toni and it was written about 14 years ago, but she never recorded it.  When I asked my brother could I have it, he said, “You better ask Toni”. She said,  ‘Yes” and the rest is history.

LENELL:  Why did you decide to do an album now?  Was it just perfect timing?
TRACI:  I really didn’t think about singing anymore. My focus was to do an album with my sisters. I had really given up on it. One day after I had a meeting with my manager, Cliff Jones, I heard a record by David, one of the producers on the album. I really liked it and I was singing my back out so much that one of my lungs collapsed.  (laughing) Cliff came in and said, ‘You’re going to stop playing around and learn this song so that we can record an album.’  So, I said, ‘Ok’.”

Growing up in such a talented family can be competitive. Traci goes on to say that her sisters are very supportive of her solo venture and that the church played a major influence on her career.  As a child Traci and her sisters sang in several churches as members of the choir.

TRACI: We grew up in the church and we sang every day.  We sang after Sunday meetings, we sang after Monday meetings and Tuesday was prayer night.  It was fun because we were able to make up our own songs.  I love being in a big family and singing on holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

With the success of “Braxton Family Values” Traci has no regrets and highlights the good and the bad parts of her experience being on the show.
 TRACI: The good part of the show is that I can see my growth every Thursday @ 10 pm on WE TV at the same time the viewers watch it.  I can say, “Oh My God, I really lost weight”.  It was a wonderful time seeing myself grow on TV.  I know that people learned from my mistakes and witnessed my triumphs.  I’m also grateful that the show catapulted my career. The bad part is some of those outfits I wore, the hairstyles and probably something I said. (Laughing)

Reality TV can have a serious strain on relationships.  We noticed that on “Braxton Family Values” with Traci and her sisters, but also with her husband Kevin. They managed to go on another hit reality show, “Marriage Boot Camp” where they sought professional help for their marital problems.

LENELL: How are you and Kevin today? Are you in a better place with your relationship because of “Marriage Boot Camp”?
TRACI:  We are so much better because of the show.  Before the show our communications with each other sucked and we would be so upset with each other that we would never talk. That was also displayed with my sisters because I didn't want to hurt their feelings and that spilled over into my marriage. Today I am more vocal to say what’s on my mind. I do believe my husband has yet to call the counselor to say, “Please talk to my wife because she is getting out of hand”. (laughing)

Although there is no exact date for a Braxton gospel album, Traci is currently on a promotional tour to promote her new single, “Last Call”.  She is eager to get out there to meet the fans who love and adore her for being so down to earth. 
 LENELL: Tell us about “Last Call” and the meaning behind the single.
TRACI:  “Last Call” is not about alcohol, but the song I have with Raheem Devaughn “Stay Sippin” definitely is about the alcohol. (Laughing) You know I can’t stay away from the alcohol too long.   “Last Call” is about my heart and I‘m pouring out my feelings in a relationship.  You saw it on Marriage Boot camp. I needed attention that I was not getting.   If you‘re not showing me that attention, then that’s the “Last Call”. I can’t give my all and not get anything back. 

Although a jokester many would be surprised that Traci is quite the daredevil.

LENELL: What is one is one thing that the fans would be surprised to know about you?

TRACI: I ride motorcycles.  I‘m getting much better now. I don’t fall as much.

Traci has proven that if you are patient, your turn will come when you can live out your dreams and desires of your heart.  She doesn’t have to be in the background anymore.  (If she choses)  Traci is in the spotlight where she belongs.  You can keep up with Traci on the following social media outlets: Twitter-

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